2 Weeks Without A Single Bite of Junk Food

Two weeks without junk foodAbout two weeks ago I decided that I was going to remain completely abstinent from junk foods, hopefully for the rest of my life.

Ambitious goal, I know. But I’ve stuck to it now since September 3rd.

Here are some of the benefits I’ve experienced after two weeks without added sugar and gluten grains:

More energy: There’s no question about it, I feel more energetic and awake. I don’t find myself getting nearly as tired in the afternoon.

Less sleep. I’m getting by with less sleep than usual, feeling more refreshed.

Less depression. I have chronic depression that I keep in remission with medication, but I’ve still felt a lot better now since giving up sugar and gluten.

Less water retention, less fat. I can see the outline of my muscles a lot clearer, especially around the line between the rectus abdominis (six pack muscle) and obliques and between my bicep and tricep.

Weight Loss. Already lost about 6-7 pounds without trying and a half inch off my waist. Haven’t been doing any calorie counting or portion control, just avoiding sugar and gluten.

Need less coffee. I need less coffee to keep me going through the day, now I just brew one pot in the morning and let it suffice.

Digestion. Digestion has improved in every way.

I feel motivated. Right now I feel a lot more motivated to go to the gym, study harder and blog even more. I feel as if a weight has been lifted – everything feels easier.

Now, all of this is purely anecdotal, but it’s not uncommon for people to experience a wide range of both mental and physical benefits when they give up the junk food and start eating healthier.

I haven’t exactly been eating low-carb either, I’ve only avoided the sugar and gluten. I’ve been eating some oats with my eggs in the morning and about 2 bananas per day.

In order to make giving up junk food easier, I’ve decided not to make it a priority to lose weight (not that much overweight anyway). Already seeing a decent amount of difference anyway simply by giving up the junk.

My belly is shrinking a bit, I’m seeing more outlines, in as little as 2 weeks.

I’d say my carb intake is somewhere around the 150 gram range. “Moderate” carb, but still a lot lower than most people would eat in a day.

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  1. Nice :) Are you eating gluten-free oats ?

    • I’m eating some organic oats that I get at the supermarket. I suppose there is a possibility that they might be slightly contaminated with gluten, but I don’t have celiac disease so I’m not really worried about tiny trace amounts.

  2. Ok. You can actually get some gluten free oats at Kostur :)

  3. You are welcome :)

  4. Good for you! I’ve not had any for 8 weeks and not really tempted. I am totally grain free, no sugar and no starches. I feel much better, but have a ways to go, Minus 26lbs and counting! LOL!

  5. Hi Kris – way to go! I am impressed with your tenacity. No sugar is really hard for me. I am definitely an emotional candy eater and have always struggled with sugar addiction. I’ve been walking 3-6 miles daily for 8 weeks, cut back on sugars and started counting calories. I lost 7 pounds, but have been flat at 155lbs for 2 weeks now. I found your site when searching for answers about why I stopped losing weight. I really love your site – thanks for all of the great information. I am trying your recommended approach of more meats, fish and eggs, no sugar and very small amounts of carbs to see if that helps. This is only day 2. I do use Splenda in my coffee and am wondering what your thoughts are on Splenda. My Dad says my body doesn’t know the difference and treats it like pure sugar.

    • PS – I already feel a difference from no sugar. Immediately less tired, no depression, mood swings or stressful feelings. Yay! :o)

  6. That’s brilliant Kris. Keep going!

  7. Well done Kris, keep at it. The benefits will just get better and better. You will be in control of your diet, and while you’re not so overweight, this will help you stay fit and trim.

  8. And your teeth will be thanking you too, u wont need to get false teeth!!

  9. Kris, you are doing so well! Keep up the good work. I started a new excersise program yesteray called beachbody (http://www.beachbody.co.uk). It is killer, totally feel like eating a pizza, but bloggers like you are helping me to resist! Thanks man!

  10. Hi Kris, I came upon this site because of health problems I am having. I am 30 lb over weight, I have just been diagnosed with asthma which I am not so sure I have. I believe I have allergies. I am trying to be healthy due to the fact that I am now 45 and have an 11 year old son. I also have many health issues with my adrenals and thyroid. I have given up sugar, and caffeine, so now I am thinking of just going for broke and stopping the breads, crackers, and noodles. If it will help me I am all for trying. thank you for the info.

  11. Hey Kris. I have been subscribed to your emails for a few months and finally it was time to act on it. I’ve always been overweight and have tried most things over the years with impatience and unrealistic expectations. So one week in and the only carbs I have are from kidney beans and chickpeas but I keep them to a minimum. I’m down 11 pounds. And things are starting to feel different. Better. I seem to be thinking a little clearer and this may sound odd but I don’t become bored and restless quite as easily! I’m happy to just have a quiet moment to myself and enjoy it The best part is I am still enjoying every meal and I am (for the first time) confident that this is a new lifestyle for me. It will take time and strength, breaking any addiction does. It has been just so simple for me. Cut out the carbs and sugar and eat as much of everything else as you need. When it gets tough (like when your partner decides to eat a donut in front of you) I just pretend I have a medical intolerance to wheat and sugar so I can’t possibly have any! Who knows… I may be right. Thanks for your inspiration and information. And keep up all your good work.

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