3 Months Without Sugar And Gluten

KristjanExactly 3 months ago to date I decided that I was never going to eat sugar or gluten again.

The reason: I simply can not control myself… AT ALL… if I eat these foods.

For me, these foods lead to an endless vicious cycle of cravings, binges and relapses and end up ruining my health, my looks and my self-esteem along with it.

I am a food addict, and as it is with other substances of abuse, there can be NONE of it.

One bite and I’m out. Back to full-blown addiction.

If a food has sugar, corn syrup, gluten or wheat anywhere on the label I won’t touch it. Not a bite, not a sniff.

The results have been nothing short of amazing.

Cravings are almost gone

First of all, my cravings for junk food are almost gone.

It happens occasionally that I get a craving for something sweet after dinner, but it usually doesn’t last very long and it is easy to ignore.

I’m never really hungry and I’m now able to do some self-experimentation with my diet, which I wasn’t able to do before because I’d always end up binging and ruining it.

I almost never eat more than 2 meals per day now. Fasting is effortless, I’ve gone for 24 hours at a time without food at several occasions and it was incredibly easy.

Eating low-carb, along with complete abstinence from sugar and gluten, is a real appetite killer. At least in my case.

Nut Butters Became an Issue

I had lost about 18 pounds of weight without trying very hard, but then I started having problems with nut butters.

For about a week or so, I’d eat an entire jar in the evening after dinner.

I have now abandoned the peanut butter and put it in a “hazard” category. It’s not as problematic for me as sugar and gluten, but if I eat it I tend to eat way too much and I tend to crave it the next day.

So… that was one setback, which is now over.

Weight Loss Update

After my little peanut butter adventure (which made me gain back about 4 pounds) I started becoming more strict with my diet and began a little experimentation.

I did the slow-carb diet (from the 4 Hour Body) for two weeks. It worked pretty well and I felt satiated on it, but I needed to restrict calories for it to work.

Since then, I’ve been doing a full-blown ketogenic diet which has given me amazing results in a short amount of time. I will dedicate an entire post to my experiences with it soon.

But if I hadn’t completely given up sugar and gluten, I probably would never have been able to do these experiments with my diet. Not a chance, really. I’d never have lasted more than a week.

Today, I feel awesome, I’m sleeping great and don’t get tired at all in the afternoon, I feel ridiculously sharp mentally along with various other benefits.

I have to say that making the decision to go completely abstinent from sugar and gluten was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my life.

My Current Progress

As of today, I’ve lost 10 kg (22 pounds) and about 11 cm (4.3 inches) off of my waist.

The more weight I’ve lost, the more weight I’ve realized I have left.

3 months in, I’m only half way there… I’ve set a goal to get under 10% body fat.

Here are a few progress pics, at 15,8% body fat:

Kristjan Mar Gunnarsson - progress pics


  1. Congratulations, Kris! Walking the walk AND talking the talk! Happy for you and know how good it feels, too! Looking good, and determined I might add.
    CANNOT believe the compliments I get these days—especially on my skin–from random strangers even. Lost just over 75 lbs. to date, working for about 65 more. Will send photo update when I’m just past 100 lbs. gone and safely into the 100’s!

  2. P.S. Not sure where you think that last 5.8% is going to disappear from as you’re looking pretty rock solid from this continent!

  3. Good for you! What a great feeling that must be.
    I have not had gluten in 7 months, but I can’t (don’t want to?) kick the sugar altogether. I don’t eat a whole lot of it, and I can go for a week or so without any, but I don’t see it as a lifestyle for me.

  4. Good for you. Kevin from FitnessBlackandWhite motivated me to do my own before and after pictures. I haven’t completely given up sugar and gluten yet, but I am limiting it and choosing healthier options.

    I have to say, sprouted bread is the only kind of bread I buy these days. It has tons of protein and good amounts of fiber, so it’s a good choice.

    The hardest thing for me to do is avoid junk food when I’m at work. People always bring cake, pie, donuts, etc. and I sit right next to it, so that’s a little tough. Other than that, I try to avoid that stuff when I can.

  5. Congrats ! Inspiring !

  6. Hi all,
    I do not eat junk food, no gluten but i am not losing.
    Please assist

  7. I admire you, Kris, for your commitment and perseverance.

    Saying ‘no’ to sugar also includes chocolate, doesn’t it?

  8. Lexie,
    Check out some 82% cocoa chocolate. Actually best to start w/ something around 70 %. It’s an acquired taste, but a little goes a long way and is very satisfying.

  9. I’ve been on the diet for 9 days. After the 3rd day I was OK. I added a support person, who said to me- Mary you can do anything you set your mind to do (clue is the mind). I have so many accomplishments in my 62 years of life and I suddenly realized that all I needed to do was believe in myself, use that determination and get on with it. It’s almost like overcoming an addiction (I’ve has a couple of those) and using that same strength and self-talk. Yes, there’s always the possibility of “falling of” so the backup plan is to forgive myself, use my support person and move on. I can do this!

  10. Joanna G. says:

    Your regular e mails have been so helpful to me! I’ve been so inspired to do everything you’re doing with amazing results. I fast 19 to 24 hrs and have cut out all carbs and sugars too. I’ve lost 18lbs in about 6 Weeks. Thanks for your research and effort!
    God bless

  11. Mary ,
    You are so right. It doesn’t matter our age. Sometimes it just takes us longer to get it! Best wishes!

  12. Wow Kris!!! You look amazing!!! Hot stuff!

  13. Great stuff Kris. You are an inspiration!

  14. Kris,

    When you first started your ketogenic diet, were you also working out? Did you have enough energy to fuel your work outs without and healthy carbs?

  15. Well done, Kris, you look terrific already…………keep at it.

  16. Awesome results! I love, love, love your e-mails. I never open them on my phone. I wait until I am at a desktop/laptop to read every little bit of research and information. Many thanks!

  17. Well done Kris!

    It’s great to know that we’re not alone on our journeys, and seeing how well you’ve done is inspiring. I’ve decided to go keto after Christmas, and it’s partly to ride myself of carb and sweet cravings (also partly because I wanna try and run a mountain marathon in keto:)

    Keep up the good work, and keep us posted on your results.


  18. Wao krist this is great till now no sugar no gluten I wish I will the will power

  19. Hi Kris,
    I’ve been doing a similar thing with good results. I’m interested to know what you classify as sugar. Do you consider banana sugar? Orange juice? Honey? These are some sugars that I have kept with.

    Also, do you think a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter daily is a bad idea?


    • Kari,
      Take a look at the carbs in a banana or orange juice and you will discover that yes, it is sugar and should probably be avoided until you are at your goal weight. Using those sweet items is likely to just cause you to crave more sugar or to use bananas and oj more frequently. Personally, I do use about 1/ teaspoon of honey in plain greek yogurt a couple times per week along w/ some berries—it’s just too tart to go it alone! I don’t know if that’s a deal breaker or not but it doesn’t seem to make a difference w/ my progress. Cheers!

  20. Can you post what foods you ate while going sugar and gluten free? Or what your daily eating plan was? It seems almost everything contains sugar…

  21. Looking good Kris.
    You might need to visit Thailand and work on the tan once you get to sub 10.

  22. Hi Chris,

    Good post.

    ermm question.

    I picked up on your peanut butter blurb above and I actually have a question as I’m in a similar boat.

    I’m not overweight or anything like that, but I do definately need to lose some belly fat for sure, once I’ve done that I can work on my muscle tone, but my question is:

    Are Honey Roasted Peanuts bad for you?

    I can buy a bag of those from my local supermarket and eat the whole lot sriving home in my car haha!

    I don’t do it a lot, but I’ll eat maybe a bag a week.

    But that’s not really question.

    What are your viewpoints on Sugar/Honey Peanuts?

    I’ve heard cashews are full of fat and even worse, but I’ve also been told it’s natural fat?..So are Honey Roasted Cashews ok or would you avoid them?..


  23. @Lee

    Natural nuts without the honey roasted extras are ‘healthy’ for you, in theory. The problem most people have when snacking on nuts is overconsumption. Nuts are very caloric dense foods. So if you trying to lose weight, they can sabotage your gains.

    Almonds and walnuts are your two best options, unsalted, unroasted, un-whatever…

  24. Wow, not sugar? Practically everything has sugar, does it not? I am a vegan, and it is hilariously easy. I do eat items with small portions if milk in them sometimes, but really not often at all. A great way for me to get protein is through quinoa. It TASTES like chicken! I am still having a little trouble getting In all my protein, as I was feeling a little weak in my upper body today, but with the nuts and quinoa, I have gotten in a little extra protein for today. I wish I could be skinny like that.

    I am still growing as of 11, so I could not try this yet. When I turn 20, if I remember this, (which would be impossible) I would totally take it. I am in basketball and karate, but I’m scared I might not build due to lack of protein. That would not be good. I am very impressed in your choices, and still bewildered how you skip sugar. I already do not eat but butters. I prefer a soy butter (along with a strawberry soy beverage!) I have gotten to eat some new things as a vegan (quinoa, daiya cheese, etc) it’s no good I dislike nuts, though.

    I LOVE honey roasted peanuts and enjoy cashews. Oh, and actually, I am a peskivegan, due to I started eating fish today, for my good of protein. I feel stronger and healthier already, but I have not had eggs for a while and will continue not to eat them, but I had a cookie with eggs in it the other day, and since I had not had eggs in a month or so, (yes, turning into a vegan is recent for me) it tasted funny! I enjoyed writing this I hope you enjoyed reading it, and thanx!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  25. I’ve been completely free of all refined sugar and carbs and all junk food for 9 years. No cravings and it’s like it was never a problem. It was however a big problem for most of my life. I also did the nut butter for a while and still have to be careful with it. Not sure what it is about it that sets up cravings.

    I never entertain ideas about eating bad food. I’m so greatful! What helped me the most is mindfulness meditation and some CBT methods.

  26. Congratulations on the amazing transformation you have under gone. Giving up sugar and gluten is something I am really interested but I am worried about the financial burden because I know you have to be careful what you purchase. It is so unfortunate that eating healthy costs so much more. I have such a sweet tooth but I want to give it all up so I can set a good example for my kids. Thanks for the inspiration.

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