A Meal Plan That Can Save Your Life

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Nutrition is a science.

Science is for geeks (like me).

Perhaps you’re not a geek and don’t care about the science.

All you want to know is which foods to cook and eat to lose weight and feel great.

This article contains everything you need.

Foods to Eat and Foods Not to Eat

Avoid (in order of importance):

  1. Added sugar and high fructose corn syrup.
  2. Trans fats (also known as partially hydrogenated oils).
  3. Refined wheat.
  4. Industrial seed and vegetable oils (soybean, cottonseed, etc.)
  5. All grains (refined and whole) that contain gluten (wheat, spelt, rye and some others).
  6. Processed crap.


  1. Meat – preferably grass-fed.
  2. Fish – wild caught is better than farmed.
  3. Eggs – omega-3 enriched or pastured.
  4. Vegetables and fruit- eat a variety of them.
  5. Fats and oils – butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc.
  6. Nuts and Seeds.
  7. High fat dairy.
  8. Potatoes and sweet potatoes.

If you’re on a very low-carb diet (depending on your carb range) then you should also eliminate grains and starchy vegetables and limit fruit to 1-2 pieces per day.

If you’re new to all this, then simply replacing the crap above for these healthy foods should be enough for you to start losing weight. In the beginning, there is no reason to count calories.

A Sample Meal Plan

Now I’m going to outline a sample meal plan. Something that would be typical for me to eat with the goal of optimal nutrition in mind.

Of course, it is important to switch things up from time to time so that you don’t get bored.


I have the same breakfast, every day. I never get tired of it.

It is a stir fry with coconut oil, veggies and omega-3 enriched eggs.

Coconut Oil: 5g / 1tsp.
Vegetables: Broccoli, carrots and a few others.
Eggs: 2-4 Eggs.
Flavour: Salt and pepper works here. You can use any healthy condiment you like.

Basically, eat some protein, some fat and some vegetables.

Make something that is quick as you probably don’t have a lot of time to cook in the morning.

The eggs take about 5 minutes to cook so there is no valid excuse to grab a bowl of cereal. Honestly, cereal is the absolute worst thing you could start your day with.

If you don’t like eating breakfast, then don’t. It’s not necessary as long as you eat healthy for the rest of the day.


Lunch tends to be problematic for a lot of people, so I’ll try to give as many examples as I can.

My favourite option for lunch is to eat leftovers from the night before. That’s why it can be a good idea to cook more than you need at dinner.

If you don’t have any leftovers, here are a few options:

Option 1: 3 Boiled eggs + a full fat yogurt + fruit.

Option 2: Full fat yogurt + blueberries + handful of almonds.

Option 3: A smoothie with protein powder, coconut milk, strawberries and blueberries.

Option 4 (not recommended): Cook a double breakfast and eat the other half at lunch.

If you prefer to eat out during lunchtime, then find a restaurant that serves healthy options.

Examples: Eggs and bacon, without the toast. Many places also serve some kind of chicken salad.

When I eat out, I sometimes tell the waiter I have a severe allergy to sugar and gluten. A white lie, but it prevents weird looks and annoying questions.

A good idea is to request that your food be cooked in real butter or olive oil, not some processed veggie/seed oil.


Dinner should consist of either meat or fish, with vegetables on the side.

I like to keep things simple and choose something that I can cook in a short amount of time.

Burgers without the bun (with cheese on top), boiled salmon with butter, chicken wings baked in the oven, etc.

Example: Ground beef, fried in butter with some spices. Vegetables on the side.

This would be a great place to add some potatoes/sweet potatoes if you’re not currently low-carbing.


A snack is a good idea if a long time passes between your meals, and that you tend to get hungry and crave junk food.

Better to snack on something healthy than to become so hungry that you run out to the next fast food place.

Snack ideas: almonds, fruits, baby carrots, beef jerky, full fat yogurt. These are all foods that are easily portable and require zero preparation.

Just Do It!

If you follow the plan above, you will lose weight, feel great and improve your health. It might even save your life.

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  1. Barry Bridges says:

    Hi Kris, nice article. You did it mate. There is still a lot of information on the net that is missleading, in regards to healthy eating & weight loss :-)

  2. Great post Kris, just a few questions, i was told that it was best to eat fruit on an empty stomach, and alone (not with other foods), i follow the warrior diet as i find it works best for me, Ori says it is important to eat fruit on an empty stomach? do u agree with this? also i do eat carbs on saturday and sundays, i was told that this is good (carb cycling) for weight loss, as you keep your body guessing? I don’t eat out very often but when i do i allow myself the burger bun, or whatever it might be, as i figure i’m being good monday to friday so i allow myself some treats at the weekend, i think it is better known as the 80/20 rule, do u agree with this? Many thanks for all your advice Kris.

    • Kristjan says:

      I think it is absolutely fine to eat some fruit on an empty stomach. I’ve read the Warrior Diet book and I’m sure it will be effective for anyone who can follow it.

      I know a lot of people that have had great success with carb cycling. The 80/20 rule is great as long as it’s working. Just do what gets you result and makes you feel good.

  3. Who would have thought processed crap is on the NO list! ;)

  4. Nilmini says:

    Hi Kris,
    Thankyou so much for all these information. They are so helpful.. I have just started to follow the diet (2 days now) I already feel so much better. I suffer from digestive problems but I feel much better today. Its very hard for me to cut down carbs and sugar but I have cut them down as much as possible.

  5. Chris P. says:

    Hey, Kris, solid.

    But, why do you say cereal is the worst thing you could start your day out with? It is so confusing sifting through this world of nutrition and the cereal being evil or good this has gotten me lately.

    • I’ve noticed that if I start my day with a bowl of cereal (doesn’t matter if it’s Froot Loops or Wheaties) I’m hungry again in about an hour. In fact I crave food even more than if I ate nothing for breakfast. For calorie counters: I find that the same number of calories eaten in protein (ie. eggs) will keep me feeling full longer. Sorry this isn’t a scientific explanation, just what I discovered through trial and error.

  6. Most cereals will make sure your bloodsugar skyrockets. This, for many people, sets off a cycle of cravings for the day. Bloodsugar will fall rapidly a couple of hours after you eat your cereal, making you intensely hungry. The temptation will be to remove the hunger by eating something that quickly increases bloodsugar levels (i.e. more fast carbs) and you are on the merry-go-round for the day.

  7. Hi Kris
    I would like some advice from you regarding the diet, i have a number of health issues , i suffer from Chronns desease i get terrible abcesses, under active thyroid
    and now they have discovered due to back problems i have very low vitamin d levels. i have read your article on this its very helpfull.My question to you on the nutrition side is this. i am not a great meat eater and i struggle with a lot of protein
    also i find too many veg upset my bowel i cannot find a balance without getting bored. I have cut out wheat as much as i can but struggle to find foods that i like
    i have gained weight and it is very hard to shift. i used to eat Oat granolas but you say not to and i find cooking every morning a bind. do you have a menu for someone with my condition that needs to lose weight.

    • Hello Karen. I think you would definitely benefit from a grain and dairy-free paleo diet.

      The menu I described above seems appropriate, except for the dairy. If veggies upset your stomach, then just have a small amount of them and take a multivitamin instead. With time, try to increase your intake.

      If you don’t like cooking every morning then I don’t know what to tell you. It doesn’t take much longer than 5 minutes to fry some eggs. You should also do something about your Vitamin D deficiency.

      If you want to improve your condition and lose weight, then you need to change things.

      • Hi Kris
        thanks for the advice , i am getting help with the vit D
        my local hosp subscribed me 50000 for a week now i am on 800 per day. I do use lactose free dairy is this ok? also because of my bowel problem would i be ok to use bran in yogurt?

        • Kristjan says:

          Well, let’s just say that if I had Chron’s then I would try going completely grain- and dairy-free for a month, with no cheating, then try to reintroduce these foods and see how I would feel.

          That means no dairy, yogurt or bran. Just protein, fat and veggies for 30 days. Meat/fish/eggs, some healthy fats and oils and vegetables.

    • Lindsey says:

      For the breakfast issue, I would recommend making an egg, veggie and cheese casserole or fritta on Sunday night and then re-heat for breakfast each day. You can even cut the portions up on Sunday so it’s very easy to heat up and eat in the AM. I do this with a lot of my foods for the week and it helps to keep me on track.

      • The best idea for breakfast is….On sunday take 2 breakfast muffins, pour egg into a greased cupcake pan, then add toppings like – mushrooms, veggies, and meat, turkey used here. bake them in the oven at 375-degrees for 30 minutes and let them cool, pop them into plastic bags so that you can grab them easily in the morning. Best thing I ever did.

    • Check out info on coconut oil for Chrons and thyroid.

      • Hi Susan.

        Thank you for your comments and advice on coconut oil and the idea to cook a veg frittata for my breakfast everyday.

        Very helpful, i am going to try and find coconut oil but i have never seen it in the Uk so i will have to search online. The article makes interesting reading. I will let you know how i get on, any further advice and recipes is most welcome.

        Best regards,

    • On a Sunday take 2 breakfast muffins, pour egg into a greased cupcake pan, then add toppings like – mushrooms, veggies, and meat, turkey used here. bake them in the oven at 375-degrees for 30 minutes and let them cool, pop them into plastic bags so that you can grab them easily in the morning. Best idea! thank you pinterest :)

  8. EGeorge says:

    Great article. My chickens are free range are their eggs considered pastured? I have been following your advice and really feel great. I do sometimes fall off the wagon but I do get back on ASAP.

  9. Hi Kris. Some very welcome information! My main sugar problem has been sugar in my morning tea or coffee, however I think being able to use whole milk will take care of that problem taste wise. I didn’t see anything about caffein–is one cup in the morning OK?

    I’ve already lost 5olbs and am 35 from my goal–how about brown and wild rices now and then? I had been doing the whole grain thing daily, but willing to cut that out.

    I’m off work for the summer and have my first CrossFit personal training starting tomorrow–it’s about time! Both of my sons are certified CrossFit trainers.


    • Hello. Coffee is fine, but I’d avoid the sugar in it.

      It is definitely okay to have rice every now and then unless if you’re avoiding them because of a medical problem.

      And yeah, Crossfit is awesome!

  10. Hi Kris
    Thanks for the useful info.
    I like eggs but keep getting told by friends that they are high in cholesterol and I should not eat them every day. What do you think about eating eggs everyday? How many eggs is ok per day eg in the sample menu above if I have the omelet for breakfast with 2 eggs, can I still have the 3 boiled eggs for lunch ?
    Thanks for your attention.

    • Kristjan says:

      There is no limit to the amount of eggs you can eat per day, but you might get bored if you eat too many of them, as in two meals per day with just eggs.

  11. farrukh says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a nice and useful info.

    Can I eat any kind of fish/meat/chicken once a day?

  12. Thanks for the info Kris! I’ve been counting calories 1.5 yrs. I didn’t think I are too many carbs but when I checked my tracker…..oh my! That would explain my plateau in weight loss! And feeling sluggish!

    Question….fruit? I love it but it’s high in carbs! does that make them a no no?

  13. Hi Kris
    I have just returned to exercising and have started to change my diet too. I have cut out all the crap (there wasn’t much to cut anyway!). I am working out for about 1 hour 4 times a week – burning approx 350 -400 calories.
    I have an underactive thyoid gland – on meds for this 2 years. I weigh 140lb, 5 ft 4 inches. On average per day I eat the following now: (last 3 weeks) yet I am not loosing any weight and I never eat after 7pm unless I am really hungry. help. Average daily intake: Porridge standard portion, , 1 White bread Bun , Slice of Ham, Small bit of grated cheese , Slice of tomatoe , 1 cup of creamed mashed potatoes , 1 cup of mixed vegetables , 1 boiled chicken breast, Banana, Pear,
    Water 1 Litre , Tea x 2 cups, Glass of milk

  14. Hi Kris,
    I have been reading your articles and want to get your advice. I recently had my blood drawn and it came back with unfavorable results. My doctor recommends a low carb, low fat, low sugar diet. I am scheduled to go to a dietician next week. I know what a low carb diet is and a low fat but not both at the same time. My numbers are: glucose fasting: 133, A1C: 6.1, lipid panel: total: 272, hdl:26, ldl: unable to calc due to triglycerides, triglycerides: 1084. Any articles or info you can direct me too?
    Thank you so much,

    • I am going to sound like a broken record on here, but check out coconut oil info.

    • Hello Gary. This looks like a situation that would benefit from a low-carb, real-food based diet.

      Now a low-fat, low-carb diet is basically just a protein sparing fast. Not something I would want to do myself. Maybe you should ask your doctor about trying out low-carb for one or two months to see how that works.

      But whatever you do, you have to do something immediately. These numbers don’t look good and I’m sure carb restriction would get them down quickly (esp. triglycerides, fasting glucose and A1C).

      Also, go walking and do some strength training, if you are able to. Don’t wait, start today and keep your doctor involved.

      (Obviously I can not give medical advice, but this is what I would do if I was in your shoes).

  15. Thanks Susan – great advise on the Coconut oil – going to start trying it today. I found a good article on Thyroid disease -which was interesting to read: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2003/11/08/thyroid-health-part-two.aspx.

    Thanks Kris for the diet advice also – I have cut out the porridge and milk and decreased my carb intake dramatically (no bread, pasta, potatoes or rice – if its white and not a vegetable then its gone!). I’ve increased my proteins – cut the wheat and already my gut alone is feeling much better! No bloating and good news my body fat is lower than it was 4 weeks ago despite being `1.5kg heaver (thanks to increased muscle!) – I am feeling more positive already.

  16. Karen in the UK – you should try TESCO – I know they sell it here in Dublin – but it can be quite expensive €15 for a small jar.

    • Thanks Sinead

      I have managed to find some on e-bay and its free postage I paid £11 for 500 mill so i am delighted, just going to try to find recipes now as not sure how i am going to incorporate it into my cooking. I dont think the family will want to eat it they are all fusspots


  17. I started reading all your articles today and I’m going to try low-carb diet for a month to lose some fat/weight, and back to normal eating (healthier) to gain more mass/muscles with protein shakes.

    However, I have one doubt about one of your snacking, beef jerky, isn’t it highly processed food (junk) with very high sodium. Can you comment on this? Thanks.

  18. Hi

    I have been reading your article and its sounds a lot like my friends diet he lost lots of weight by eating simialr food that you recommend and by going the gym 5 days a week. I am bascily 20 year old female I have always been really slim and happy with my figure. Last year I split up with my boyfriend and from 55kg i went to 50 kg which wasnt really healthy after I was done with my grief I started eating around christmas like mad! I am now 64 kg and reallly not happy with my weight. I am also 5.9 which is tall and I do read that average weight for my age etc., should be from 54 to 74 kg, Well I would loveee to go back to my previus weight which is 55-54kg. For the past 3 days I have been eating an egg or 3 lices of watermelon then for my dinner a low fat butty with ham and vegetables on brown bread and maybe a fat free yougurt. But I am not loosing any weight at all ! and I have realllyyyyy cut down I probably eat 70% less than what I would normally eat . Sooo please help how can I loose weight quickly I dont mind starving my self haha. Thanks Mon

    • Hi Monica, sounds to me like your body went into starvation mode. If you consume less than 1000 calories a day your metabolism will slow down and it will store fat because it thinks it is being attacked instead of getting rid of it. And based on your diet plan now you are consuming way below 500 calories a day.
      You could try negative calorie foods so that your body will be digesting constantly without going into starvation mode this will increase your metabolism. Also increase your intake and add some more proteins to your diet.
      Good luck :)

  19. Hi Monika
    First of all welcome to the club of wishing to get fit and loose weight. I have not been doing this long myself (3 weeks) however, I can tell you that you are not going to loose weight in 3 days by eating 70% less.

    I had great advise from Kris – cut down the carbs (i.e potatoes, bread, pasta) – if its white and its not a vegetable/meat/fish don’t eat it! I cut out drinking milk and eating low fat yoghurts as well – and replaced them with water. I don’t eat any potatoes, any kind of pasta or bread and I have cut out wheat also. When I first heard Kris suggestion of no cereal in the morning I thought he was mad! However, I know eat boiled eggs and salad or tuna for breakfast, I have steamed vegetables for dinner and I have Rye crackers with tomatoes and peppers or steamed chicken / fish with more vegetables for tea. I did not loose weight in 3 days, however after 3 weeks of exercise 5 days a week (cardio and weights) and of eating nearly no carbs or wheat, my weight has steadily started to drop. Follow the advise of Kris and you will see the results. Also, I think that loosing it too quick will just result in it all coming back on…. slowly,slowly, always, always.

    Good luck with your diet.

  20. CherylCay says:

    I love eggs with grits for breakfast with hot sauce, is that alright or what suggestion do you have instead of grits? Or what about oatmeal for breakfast ? I am not a huge fan, but every patient I have talked to in their 90’s say they have oatmeal very morning for breakfast….

    • It depends on your goals. If you’re trying to lose weight than you should avoid/minimize the grits and oatmeal and keep your carbs under a 100 grams per day.

  21. Chantel says:

    Hi mr kriss…great break down of info I have found it very helpful….I’ve never had to try to lose weight before but now I’ve reached 32 with 2 children it’s clear body needs the extra work…lol…

    Please give me more examples of healthy snacks other then fruit….and is there any type of Brady alturnitive ie crackers…. I do love butter and cheese on crackers advice please….

  22. Kristjan says:

    Almonds, fruits, baby carrots, beef jerky, full fat yogurt are all foods that are easily portable and require no preparation.

  23. Hi Kris,
    I have come across your article today for the first time. I am 22, girl, and weight 82 kgs and my height is 5.4″. For people who are thin, slim… Its easy for them to talk about losing weight, calorie count, etc. etc. But for a person like me losing weight is such a pain!.. When I am asked to lose weight or follow a diet, I end up eating more.
    Can u suggest something to me with which i can get rid of the extra kilos. I want to come down to 58-60kgs in two months!… Can you help me with a diet plan that i follow after which i lose weight within 2 months!.. Your help would be appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

  24. Leslie Gribble says:

    What about a vegan or vegetarian diet?

    • Kristjan says:

      Works for some people, not something I would recommend doing.

      • Leslie Gribble says:

        Can you explain why you would not reccomend it? What about all the science and evidence that shows it is a healthy way of living.

        • I’m pretty sure a vegan diet has never been touted against a low-carb diet in a clinical trial.

          It just doesn’t make evolutionary sense. Humans and pre-humans are omnivores and have eaten meat for millions of years. There are nutrients, such as B12 and Creatine, the Omega-3s DHA and EPA, that is very hard to acquire from animal products.

          The only true benefit of going vegan, in my opinion, is the ethical standpoint. Meat is murder and all that, if you care about that stuff (I don’t).

          It works for some people, I guess. I won’t deny that. But there are others that do horrible on a vegan diet and get sick.

          Anyway it’s something I should probably research in detail and write a post about some time.

          • I think vegan & vegetarian diets can be harder for people to eat healthy on. I’ve had several friends who have tried during their teens and twenties (some for ethical reasons and some with the idea that it’s healthier) and every one of them have had to give it up for health reasons. The big problem was not getting enough nutrients: protein, iron, and some others I can’t remember off the top of my head. Also they struggled keeping a healthy weight. Some lost too much weight, while others gained too much. In the end they had to give it up because it was affecting their bodies, not developing properly and just generally putting their whole body off whack.

            Though in these cases they were just young girls who thought they were doing the right thing without understanding fully what they were doing. I think with more knowledge it’s possible to be healthy and vegan or vegetarian. I just think it’s harder, because it’s not natural for humans to eat that way.

  25. I’m training for a 10 km run in oct, so I’m following a diet my nutritionist at my gym recommended. He said, ALWAYS eat breakfast, as we’ve heard a thousand times over it IS the most important meal (kick starts your metabolism) but suggested to eat only Weet-bix or Special K. Now I’m confused after reading your article..

    • Kristjan says:

      There is no such thing as kick starting the metabolism. It’s a myth.

      If you’re an endurance athlete then you’re going to need quite a bit of carbs.

  26. Hey Kris,

    So I’m only 20, and a little over weight. Ieft high school weighing 145, and the freshman 15 caught up to me. I’m now 160, and I can’t seem to lose it. It’s been over three weeks since I started eating alot smaller portions, and working out at least 45 minutes, 5 days a week. So far, I’ve lost 2 pounds… I went from eating out all the time, working out maybe once every week or two, and sitting all day. Now, I cook myself eggs for breakfast almost every day, eat a small sandwich and fruit for lunch, and usually white meat chilcken and veggies (with the occasional hamburger or soup). When i work out, I always push myself and try to switch up my workouts. It seems every few weeks that I try, and see no results, I’m very discouraged. Why is it so hard for my to lost anything? I’ve been athletic my whole life, and I refuse to continue on living like this. What’s something you recommend to lose about twenty pounds fairly quickly… ?

  27. Natalie says:

    Hi Kris, thanks to your article I realized I have been doing it all wrong.. Understanding the science of it really helps. Im 33 and until about 7 years ago I was able to eat whatever I wanted. Its very hard to retrain myself at this age but I have to change my habits. Im 5’0 and weigh 150 pounds. I can’t tell you how uncomfortable I am. Im going to start in the morning and pray it works. Here goes nothing… Thanks!

  28. Hi Kris!

    Love this. I wish more people would get on board with this kind of thing! I also wanted to say that this is the best kind of diet for women who have PCOS. It can be really hard for women with PCOS to lose weight, and this is the best working style of meal plan I’ve found for it. Thanks!

  29. Hi Kris,

    Quick question regarding caffeine. You had mentioned drinking coffee is ok. Is there a limit though? I’m a 30 year old mother of 2. Full time accountant and part time student… and also trying to lose weight. Needless to say I NEED my coffee. I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day (sometimes more).
    Also, since I’m trying to avoid sugar, I use artificial sweetner (I can’t do bitter coffee AT ALL). I heard artificial sweetners are bad for you but I don’t know why. Could you please offer some insight and opinion on this? Thanks!

  30. Stephanie says:

    Hello Kris,

    I am fairly new to this type of eating but I have been doing this for the last month to lose weight. I have been trying to eat “good carbs” or slow carbs. I like your advice of trying to keep it under 100 a day. I am training for a bike ride in a month. I typically go out on a Saturday 30 miles or more with a lot of elevation. So I am riding 2-2.5 hours (and will get longer). I have found that I really struggle without carbs for that duration of fitness. For weight loss, do you feel I still need to keep those days below 100? Or is their more freedom since my body has burned all of it’s glucose stores? I am trying to get this down since I plan on making this more of my life style.

    One last thing, any suggestions besides eggs in the morning? I am getting a little burned out! :)


    • If you do a lot of endurance exercise then you can definitely up your carbs somewhat.

      Breakfast alternatives, maybe leftovers from the night before, a fruit smoothie or something. I personally never get tired of my eggs :)

  31. Hi Kris,
    I recently came across your website and it seems very up to date and properly researched. Its my second day of following this diet plan I am listing below http://www.iimahd.ernet.in/~jajoo/gmdiet.html
    and my fourth day into the exercise program of slim in 6. After I complete this seven day diet program what sort of diet would you suggest that I keep up with this exercise program, this is of six weeks.

  32. Zerk ops` says:

    I think that this is a good method to save your life.

  33. How do l get read of a belly? It’s now a double stomach, it’ s a total turn off my boyfriend says.

  34. Suzanne Perry says:

    Well, I would quickly get bored on Kris’ diet.But totally agree with his general idea. I love to cook and I am retired so I have more time than Kris.. I have kept track of what I eat for years, using a couple of apps. One is “Lose It” which tracks carbs among its data. I am sure there are many other apps I don’t know about. My favorite for keeping track of weight is “Monitor your Weight”, beautiful graphics and very flexible as to input and editing. I have many recipes on “foods” list. I usually eat bacon 2 strips and a jumbo egg for breakfast with a small tomato to garnish the plate. I like a handful of pork rinds ( no carb chip substitutes) to help soak up the lovely yolk. Sometimes, I will have what I call “Yoghurt pudding” for breakfast: 1/4 c 2% yoghurt, 1Tblsp olive oil, 2 strawberries and 6 blueberries, 1 Tblsp heavy cream and top off with 5 macadamia nuts, crushed. I also sprinkle a package of splenda if the strawberries are tart.301 calories, 6.4 g carb. I cut it in half easily if I need to.
    Lunch is usually homemade soup (i am retired and love to cook as I said)
    roast chicken from Costco makes a great soup, with no msg broth, onion and whatever else you have in the leftover dept. virtually no carbs unless I add a can of crushed tomatoes .
    Dinner is usually a steak or chop or burger with a green salad.
    I love to make salade Nicoise with greens, olives, black and green, hardboiled egg, lightly steamed green beans and any meat or fish you like: Tuna, of course, or shrimp (we buy a big bag of the 24-28 size/ pound at Costco, use about 1/4 package for a meal). We also broil or grill a couple of handfuls of this frozen shrimp coated with olive oil and seasonings. Broil some broccoli and onion, also tossed with the olive oil, or whatever you like for veggies on a shallow pan in a 425 oven. Do the veggies first, they take longer than the shrimp.Add shrimp after 10 minutes. 20 minutes total, stirring gently a time or two.
    We usually have a serving of our delicious homemade low carb ice cream. 218 cal, zero carb.
    I am fit but need to lose about 20 lbs more. Quit smoking 30 years ago and gained 40 lbs. Have lost slowly since I cut carbs a couple of years ago.

  35. Hi Kris. Your articles are really helpful. Thank you very much.

  36. I know it is probably best to avoid alcohol all together, but for those nights when we do go out, is there a beverage you would recommend?

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