Physical exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your mental and physical health, as well as your body composition. A combination of strength training and cardiovascular exercise works best. Lifting weights can help you preserve or gain muscle mass during a dieting period and can keep your metabolic rate from going down. [Browse Category]

Food Addiction

For many people, eating healthy isn’t as simple as just making a decision and sticking to it. Some individuals have real problems abstaining from unhealthy foods, despite their best intentions. Chances are that some of these individuals have full-blown food addiction, which is characterized by cravings, binge eating and relapses. [Browse Category]

General Health

There are many things we can do in our daily lives to ensure optimal health, mental wellbeing and longevity. It is a fact that most of the diseases of modern times are caused by a lifestyle that is incompatible with our genetic makeup. The foods we eat, our activity levels, our stress, sleep and environment can dramatically affect our health. [Browse Category]


One of the most easily manageable aspects of our lifestyles and that can impact our health the most is our diet, the foods we eat. Changing the foods we eat and adopting a lower-carb, real food based diet can help us lose weight, feel great, sleep better and live longer lives. [Browse Category]

Success Stories

Almost everyone who adopts a real food based diet sees positive results. People who have a lot of weight to lose often drop dozens of pounds of fat in a few months, without counting calories or controlling portions. They also experience improvement in a variety of health problems. [Browse Category]


There are few people who eat a diet that is perfect, 100% of the time. This can be very difficult to accomplish in the 21st century, when certain foods are expensive and others are lacking in nutrients. Clever supplementation can help satisfy the body’s needs for certain nutrients that are often lacking in the modern diet. [Browse Category]


This is the place for the articles that don’t fit into any of the other categories. Tips on how to make healthy living more manageable and some technical info about this website or the forum. Also various resources on diet, exercise, weight loss and optimal health. [Browse Category]


It can be great to switch things up from time to time and watch videos instead of reading articles. Here you will find animations, interviews and presentations that are both informative and motivating. Along with each video is a short commentary outlining the main points. [Browse Category]

Weight Loss

Overweight and obesity are the most common health problems in the world and are associated with increased risk of various other diseases. Many articles here are dedicated to the topic of weight loss, which is tightly linked to other aspects of health such as diet, exercise and lifestyle modifications. [Browse Category]