Vicious Eating – My Book is Out!

Vicious Eating Cover

Alright so my e-book is out, finally! In it, I explain how I used the experience I have gained battling addiction to permanently getting rid of the junk foods from my life. I now haven't touched sugar or gluten in over 6 months. I've lost ALL my excess weight with little effort and feel better than I ever have in my life. More details here: Vicious Eating - The Food Addict's … [Read more...]

3 Months Without Sugar And Gluten


Exactly 3 months ago to date I decided that I was never going to eat sugar or gluten again. The reason: I simply can not control myself... AT ALL... if I eat these foods. For me, these foods lead to an endless vicious cycle of cravings, binges and relapses and end up ruining my health, my looks and my self-esteem along with it. I am a food addict, and as it is with other … [Read more...]

How to Recognize Your Satiety Signals

A Woman Stuffing Herself

A few years ago, on a nice summer day in Iceland, I was sitting with my three of my friends at a burger joint. We all ordered big meals and the waiter brought us exactly what we wished for. I got a sweaty double-bacon burger, with a massive serving of fries along with a tall glass of coke. It looked good. And it tasted good as well. For some reason, when I think back about … [Read more...]

How to Overcome Food Addiction – A Step-by-Step Guide

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The only viable method to overcome true addiction is complete abstinence. This applies to alcohol addiction, drug addiction, smoking and... food addiction. This guide helped me when I quit smoking about 6 years ago. I've adapted it to food addiction since the process is similar in many ways. How to Overcome Food Addiction 1. Quit cold turkey. It is the easiest and most … [Read more...]

6 Trigger-Happy Trigger Foods That Food Addicts May Need to Avoid

What Are Trigger Foods?

Trigger foods... We both love them and we hate them. We love how they taste. We hate how they make us feel and what they do to our waistline. There's something unique about these foods. They call to us... as if they have a voice. Imagine a cookie, sitting on a plate with a bunch of other cookies. At first, it whispers to us... "eat me," it says. "Eat me." The … [Read more...]

2 Weeks Without A Single Bite of Junk Food


About two weeks ago I decided that I was going to remain completely abstinent from junk foods, hopefully for the rest of my life. Ambitious goal, I know. But I've stuck to it now since September 3rd. Here are some of the benefits I've experienced after two weeks without added sugar and gluten grains: More energy: There's no question about it, I feel more energetic and awake. I … [Read more...]

Is Complete Abstinence (CA) From Junk Foods Too Extreme?

No Junk Food

Complete abstinence is the only thing that consistently works for true addicts to overcome their addiction. True story. Moderation fails. Every time. But when your addiction is to food, something that you need to eat every day or you will die, the situation becomes more complicated. Of course, if you don't eat anything you will eventually starve, waste away and … [Read more...]

What it Means to be a Food Addict

What it Means to be a Food Addict

In the last post I came clean about my food addiction. I admitted that, despite my fascination with nutrition, I had real difficulties actually eating healthy myself. To my big surprise, a lot of people could actually relate to what I was saying. They had experience the same thing. They also felt that they were addicted and sometimes powerless over their consumption of … [Read more...]

Confessions of a Food Addict

Food Addict

This article is going to be different from what you're used to seeing here. Instead of tackling a certain topic, exploring a myth or posting someones success story, I am going to talk about myself. I am going to be making a few confessions... Some of these are personal and involve things that I am embarrassed about. Writing this certainly hasn't been easy, but it feels good … [Read more...]

Sugar, Junk Food and Medical Definitions of Addiction

A picture of Junk Food Addiction Definition

I've talked quite a bit about junk food addiction before. In this article, I am going to explore how it fits in with medical definitions of addiction. It is clear that junk food addiction shares many similarities with other forms of addiction, such as cigarettes or narcotics, although it is probably not quite as powerful. But even though the addictive potential isn't quite as … [Read more...]