Sugar – Sweet Treat or a Chronic Poison?

Girl Eating Easter Egg

Sugar may be a larger part of your diet than you think. It is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. In every can of soda, every scoop of ice cream and almost every processed food. Even most of the breads, cereals and yogurts in your supermarket are loaded with it. 60 minutes did a feature on sugar a few months ago. They talked to several experts, including Dr. Robert H. Lustig, an … [Read more...]

How Dr. Mary Vernon Discovered a Diet That Cured Her Patients

Dr Mary Vernon

Today, I am going to tell you a story. It is about a doctor named Mary Vernon. Many years ago, she graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Kansas and continued to become a family physician. When her patients asked her about how to be healthy, she gave them the information she had been taught, as any responsible physician would do. And her patients did it. They … [Read more...]

Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt Presents The Swedish Food Revolution

Andreas Eenfeldt

The food revolution has already taken place in Sweden, a country with a population of 9 million people where a low-carb paleo diet has gained a pretty strong foothold. One of the biggest drivers of the revolution in Sweden is the family doctor Andreas Eenfeldt. He started a very popular blog in Swedish and published a book about the diet, and has also started a blog in English … [Read more...]

How Neuroscientist David Diamond Reversed Obesity And Heart Disease

A picture of David Diamond

If you look at David Diamond today, you see a dark haired man with a calm smile and serene attitude. He is obviously a man that feels good about himself. He also appears to be in excellent health. Thin, happy, with a healthy, tanned outgoing look. It might surprise you that as little as five years ago, his figure was completely different. He ate unhealthy foods and was … [Read more...]

Should Sugar be Regulated Like Alcohol and Nicotine?

A woman looking at a cake

Many respected scientists believe that sugar, and the junk foods that contain it, are addictive. I agree. Uncontrollable cravings, so strong that we can't resist, for something that we know is extremely bad for us... that ain't right! This is the reason smokers can't give up smoking, while alcoholics and drug addicts ruin their lives because they just can not quit, no matter … [Read more...]

Warning: Stress Can Make You Sick, Unhealthy and Fat

Man in a cubicle

Managing stress is (or should be) one of the cornerstones of a healthy lifestyle. You could have the perfect diet and exercise routine, but... If your stress levels are completely out of whack then you could still be in BIG trouble. Threats in Modern Life Stress is a normal physiological response to danger. In our hunter-gatherer environment, real danger could be something … [Read more...]

Excess Insulin in Pregnancy is Causing an Epidemic of Obese Infants

A picture of an Overweight Infant

Did you know we have an epidemic of obese 6 month olds? It's true. Obviously, infants are unable to make decisions for themselves. Infants drink formula or breast milk when they're hungry and none of them exercise (duh), yet many of them are becoming obese. There goes the theory of greed and laziness as the cause of obesity. Obese Moms Give Birth to Obese Babies In the … [Read more...]

How Junk Food Changes Your Brain Chemistry and Makes You Addicted

A picture of a woman eating sugar

I've believed sugar (and other junk foods) to be addicting for a very long time. As a recovering drug addict (sober since January 4th, 2007), I can tell you that the cravings are exactly the same as cravings to drugs of abuse like cannabis or amphetamine. That's right, exactly the same. In this video, Dr. Lustig and Dr. Epel explain how junk food may lead to changes in the … [Read more...]

How Excess Insulin Makes You Hungry And Fat


This is yet another video with Dr. Robert H. Lustig, a paediatric endocrinologist. Here he explains how the industrial global diet raises our insulin levels, leading to hunger, weight gain and metabolic disease. One of the key driving forces behind this is elevated Insulin levels and how they lead to resistance to the hormone Leptin. Leptin is a satiety hormone secreted by the … [Read more...]

How Excess Sugar Can Harm Your Liver And Give You Diabetes

A picture of Sugar And Diabetes

It's Sunday, time for another YouTube video. I'm thinking about turning this into a regular feature on my blog. Each Sunday, posting an interesting health related video with a bit of commentary. What do you think? How Excess Sugar Can Harm Your Liver And Give You Diabetes The topic is fructose (from added sugar and high fructose corn syrup) and how an excess of it can … [Read more...]