How To Choose The Best Dry Herb Vaporizer

Choosing a dry herb vaporizer can be a daunting task because of a large number of models available. If you feel overwhelmed, you should consider the different aspects that will make the vaporizer the best one for you. Understanding the different aspects of the vaporizer will help you choose the best one for dry herbs and your needs.

The Heating Element

One of the most important aspects of a vaporizer is the heating element. Dry herb vaporizers will one of 2 different heating methods which are conduction or convection. Conduction heating will have an exposed heating element which will come into contact with the dry herbs. The heating element will heat the herbs and produce the vapor that you want. The problem that some people find with this is that the heating element could burn the herbs producing arid vapor.

Convection heating is similar to an oven where the heating element heats the air in a chamber. This heated air will then move through the dry herbs to create the vapor that you want. Many people recommend dry herb vaporizers that use this form of heating because it does not have the risk of burning the herbs.

The Power Source

When looking for the best dry herb vaporizer, you will need to consider the power source. A large desktop vaporizer will generally have a wall adapter which means that you will not be able to move it around easily. Portable vaporizers will use either batteries or butane.

The batteries used in portable vaporizers are generally rechargeable, but you need to consider how long the charge will last. If you are going to be using the vaporizer regularly, you need longer battery life. Many people find that battery powered devices will last longer and are easier to use than the butane ones.

The Ease Of Use

The last point that you need to consider when looking at the best dry herb vape pens is the ease of use. There is no point in getting a vaporizer that you have a hard time using because this will cause major problems. You need to consider how easily you can insert herbs into the chamber and how easy the chamber will be to clean. If you cannot clean the chamber easily, you could have residual herbs which negatively impact the overall flavor of the vapor that you get.

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