Make Your Life Easier by Becoming “Intolerant” to Sugar and Gluten

Blonde waitressWe’ve all been there.

Sitting at a restaurant with our friends, dreading the moment the waiter comes along to take our order.

We know what’s going to happen.

Someone will give us a weird look or ask us an annoying question when we give the waiter special instructions.

Someone might even laugh or roll their eyes and look at us as if we belonged in a mental asylum.

Telling the waiter the full story, that you’re on a “diet” or “eating healthy” and don’t want any sugar or wheat, isn’t something we look forward to.

“What, you don’t eat… bread?”

“You? On a diet? But you don’t need to lose weight!”

“No bread? Hey, everything is good in moderation, right?”

I find these questions/comments to be SO annoying when I’m not in the mood.

I’ve realized that I can make my life a lot easier by simply telling the waiter that I’m intolerant to sugar and gluten.

This works like a charm, every time.

The waiter doesn’t roll his eyes, no one at a near table gives you a weird look and laughs.

You get a meal that is free of the two worst ingredients in the modern diet, sugar and wheat.

If you also ask that your meal is fried in real butter instead of vegetable oil, then you’ve probably got yourself a healthy feast on your hands.

It isn’t a real “intolerance” but we do get a negative reaction by eating these foods and we’re totally justified by implying that we don’t tolerate them.

You can also use phrases like “allergic to sugar and gluten”, “sugar and gluten make me sick”, whatever you say that doesn’t provoke weird looks and unnecessary questions.

It will make your life easier.

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  1. Heya Kris, I also don’t tolerate most of the chow they serve up in public eateries, LOL! :-)

    Makes going social with the wife and friends somewhat involved… :-)

  2. P.P.S.
    You can also always just say that “Your Faith” doesn’t allow you to have thee food items, heeheeheee…

  3. Thanks Kris for commenting on this. Luckily I rarely do eat out, but when I do eat out having to worry about this just takes away some of the enjoyment.

    A friend told me the she tells the waiter/waitress, “I’m allergic to sugar. It causes me to break out into a bad case of fat”. haha, I’m not sure is she really did that or was just joking with me.

    Of course diabetic people have to watch their carb intake, and with the rise of diabetes, I’d think it would be common for someone to ask for their food to be made without sugar and flour.

    Also, be careful about when you ask for butter, because the last two times I ate out, they actually gave me “fake” butter. I can tell, because I eat real butter at home. Even at home, I asked my boyfriend to get “butter” and he came home with margarine. Argh! But he knows better now. haha!

  4. Interesting that we’ve reached a place in our society in which it is more acceptable to say we have a disease than that we are trying to remain healthy.

    • I have a gluten sensitivity which causes me stomach pain (usually about 8-10 hours after consuming gluten). My sensitivity might actually be celiac disease, but I don’t see a need to go through the pain required for testing since I have already cut out gluten from my diet and treat sugar very carefully. When eating out, saying that I have a sensitivity to gluten makes people ask more and more questions as if they are trying to decide if I’m just a hypochondriac or not (some people just truly don’t have any idea what that means though). I’ve recently started telling people I have celiac disease, which could actually be true–again I don’t see the need to get biopsied when I’ve already cut out gluten and seen my arthritis and psoriasis reduce dramatically in 6 months time, not to mention the migraines have gone and my energy is up. I have noticed that all I have to do is say the word “celiac” and no more questions are asked, I’m treated like a human being again and the restaurant is suddenly willing to modify my meal or provide a gluten free menu if they don’t already have one one the regular menu. It is sad that I have to have a recognized disease before people will accommodate a request as simple as letting me know if there is wheat flour in the sauce.

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