How to beat junk food addiction

I was a drug addict for many years and wasted a substantial part of my life being a full-time addict.

After I got clean, I became obsessed with being healthy.

At first, my main passion was bodybuilding and fitness. I would spend a lot of money on supplements, work out all the time and read everything I could find about muscle building. That passion drifted off in about 2 years, and instead my interest in nutrition took over.

Since then, I have been reading about nutrition every single day.

I’ve always had real problems with giving up unhealthy food, despite a burning desire to do so.

It took me four and a half years after giving up drugs to realize that I was in fact addicted to junk food as well.

A picture of Junk Food Addiction
The symptoms are exactly the same. The cravings, the overeating, the guilt, the excuses and the fact that I had unsuccessfully tried to quit, multiple times.

Since then, I have read a lot about junk food addiction.

It’s also called fast food addiction, sugar addiction, wheat addiction, compulsive overeating and a number of other things. It turns out that this phenomenon is pretty common, but not often talked about.

I do know a lot about addiction, I’ve been into 6 rehabs in my life, and I was also a smoker for many years and managed to quit smoking after multiple attempts. I’m also a very introspective person and I like to consciously analyze my thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

This means I have contemplated the process of addiction and cravings throughout my whole experience, which does give me a pretty deep understanding of how this works.

I decided to write a short manual about how to beat junk food addiction, applying my extensive personal experience as well as the various things I have learned about nutrition and healthy living.

I might be able to sell this information, at least if I would make it a bit longer and turn it into a book. But this time, it is completely free with no strings attached.

The report is about 20 pages, and it does contain a lot of information that you can use to beat junk food addiction for good.

Following the plan will require some sacrifices, and not all of you who are reading this will be able to accept them. There is even a high possibility that many of those who try this out will fail, that’s just how addiction works and there’s really nothing I can say that will change that.

Anyway, if you believe you have a problem with giving up unhealthy food, and are looking for a solution, then I recommend that you provide your name and e-mail address in the form below and it will be sent to your inbox immediately after you click the confirmation link.

I will send you some e-mails with more information that I didn’t feel appropriate to be included in the report, because I wanted to keep it short and strictly on topic, but you can unsubscribe immediately after receiving the report if that is something you don’t want.

I encourage you to share this report with as many people as possible, by giving them the URL to this page.

[Notice: I am writing a book about food addiction, which will be offered for sale sometime in 2013. If you download the free version below, you will be notified by e-mail when the book is published.]


  1. Sanjay Kumar Jha says:

    Well done and I appreciate it. Basically I want to know in detail about it. What is meaning psychological and sociological aspect of fast food?

  2. Hello Sanjay,

    the difference between the physiological, psychological and social aspect of junk food addiction is explained pretty well in this article here:

  3. Very cool Kris, I’m looking forward to your report! I just downloaded but haven’t had a chance to read through it … after reading some articles on your site I’m sure it’ll be top-notch.

  4. Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it :)

    I’m hoping it will be useful for those people who are unable to quit eating junk food no matter what they do. I know I struggled with it myself for years.

  5. Hello, I am struggling so bad myself and it was nice to see your article. I have lost about 55lbs and would like to lose another 25, but I have not only lost the desire to try, but I see my weight starting to creep up by a couple lbs. How do I get my motivation back? This is depressing me. Thanks and congrats to you for your success :)

  6. Hello Heather, you should definitely type in your name and e-mail address and download the report. You might find something helpful there.

  7. Halli Magg says:

    Hi Kris
    One very interesting aspect of addiction is how it stimulates the reward system, and how it connects with so many aspects of addiction (food, gambling, sex, drugs etc.)
    I read David Kessler’s book “The end of overeating” and it is a fantastic book on food addiction. David is an MD and former commissioner of the FDA and is this book he, in a very well referenced matter, explains how some food is very much addictive (especially the salty, sugary and fatty) and how that food works on our reward system. This is one more aspect of orthodox nutritional science where they are simply completely wrong in saying that food is not addictive.
    The interesting thing is that there is research that says by regulating the reward system (or the brain chemistry) which would be dysfunctional in addicts (which explains why addicts go from one addiction to another drugs > exercise > gambling…..) the addict can start to feel calmness. Here we are talking about balance in neurotransmitters, for example dopamine and seratonin. And please don’t thing pharmaceutical drugs here, but rather amino acids and vitamins which are the building blocks of neurotransmitters.
    I took an advanced 5 weeks seminar from Daniel Kalish on the subject of neurotransmitter therapy and it is all very interesting.

    All the best
    Halli Magg

    • Hey Halli, thanks for the comment.

      Yes, addiction is definitely based on the reward system of the brain, which has been designed throughout evolution to make humans seek out activities that are rewarding. This is all explained in detail in the report.

      I think food addiction is an underrated problem. There are so many people who have a general idea on how to be healthy, the problem is that they are unable to follow through with it.

      This book looks interesting, I will put it on my to-read list.

  8. I am on the hCG diet now and have lost a lot of pounds and inches but every now and again I get cravings that I just can’t ignore. I am trying subliminal messaging, hypnosis and aversion therapy to rid myself of junk food addictions so I can’t wait to read your ebook.

  9. Sonya McCleese says:

    I eat a lot of junk food and I use to bake cookies, cakes etc. I buy them as well. I can eat junk food all day without eating the right things thats best for me. I have three kids and it left me with a little stomach and I don’t like it at all and it seem as it’s getting bigger. It play a big part on how I feel sometimes about myself. Any advice.

  10. Sonya, yea you should insert your e-mail address above and download the e-book. It might be helpful to you :)

  11. Hi Kris,
    I read your story and find it admirable that you have been successful in overcoming such temptations. I can’t say the same for myself (for the sugar). I tried Paleo eating (about 75%) as well as just eating in moderation but I get this overwhelming and uncontrollable need to eat sugar. It’s sad to say but I have no self-control, well almost none. Anyway, I’m writing to ask you that if cutting out sugar means following the Paleo diet? No wheat, grains etc… since these foods eventually turn into sugar. Finally, I don’t think I can completely cut out sugar which is obviously what I need to do so I was wondering, after years of struggle, what finally motivated you to completely cut it out?

    • Hello Karine,
      I made it without junk food for about 60 days, then I relapsed horribly.

      The sugar in grains is not the same as regular sugar. Grains contain starch, which get broken down into glucose. Added sugar is 50% glucose, 50% fructose, to your cells that makes a huge difference.

      I’ve been on the healthy wagon now for about 6 days through the Greysheeters Anonymous program which I just learned about very recently. I think this is probably the best solution now for anyone with food addiction. I suggest you take a look at their website:

      Hope that helps,

  12. I am not receiving the verification mail when I sign up for this. Can you help me out?

  13. Iraciara Almeida says:

    Hi can you leave the informations?

  14. I am definitely a junk food addict and I know I need help as badly as a narcotic abuser, I just don’t know where to turn because no one ever talks about how bad this addiction really is….I have gained so much weight in the last 3.5 years and I know it is because of things that have happened in my life which I’m trying to kill the pain with junk food. I know this and it’s awful feeling….I need help! :-(

  15. You should download the free report and read it.

    Then you can join the forum for some additional support. This is tough.

  16. Otewu Grace says:

    Please tell me more on how to slim down

  17. Otewu Grace says:

    Please, i want to know more on how to stop eating junks,because am addicted

  18. Beth Hill says:

    “How to beat junk-food addiction” free e-book.

    Thank so much—currently working on crucial 10 pounds right now, but have had lots of previous problems with food/sugar addiction. I knew it was addictive, even though others told me I was nuts! So glad your blog has confirmed my assumptions–and that you might have some answers to overcome it!

    God bless———–Beth

  19. Nanci Harp says:

    Thanks for the advice!

  20. Bulelwa says:

    I really wanna beat junk food addiction. U’re help will be highly appreciated.

  21. Please share with me how one can stop eating junk food.

  22. Thanks a lot

  23. I am very impressed with your honest approach to your food addiction problem and can relate to every aspect you have discussed. I believe that the only way I will overcome my weight problem is to completely abstain from unhealthy eating as for many years now I have managed to eat healthy for a few months – possibly a year and then boom! it is all undone by a relapse. Abstaining is the only way I will succeed.

    Deni Kadie

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