Top 10 Paleo and Low-Carb Doctors with Blogs

Sometimes people give me weird looks when I say something about health and nutrition that doesn’t fit with the generally approved conventional wisdom.

I’m often quick to point out that it’s not like I’m simply pulling this information out of my inferior end.

A lot of people that are way more knowledgeable than me believe in similar things, including some doctors.

Here they are, in no specific order:

1. Dr. Kurt Harris

A picture of Kurt HarrisDr. Kurt Harris graduated from the university of Iowa in 1987 and is currently a practicing radiologist. He had an epiphany after listening to Gary Taubes on the radio, and has since been writing about health and nutrition on his website.

He has been inactive for several months now, but you can find a ton of valuable content in the archives.

Click here to take a look at his website: Archevore.

2. Drs. Michael and Mary-Dan Eades

A picture of Michael And Mary-Dan EadesAnyone who has been in this game for a while should be familiar with husband and wife, Drs. Michael and Mary-Dan Eades. They are currently in private practice, specializing in bariatric and nutritional medicine, and are experts on the metabolic syndrome.

They are the authors of the Protein Power series. Both of them are active bloggers: Dr. Michael EadesDr. Mary Dan Eades

3. Dr. John Briffa

A picture of John BriffaDr. John Briffa is a doctor, book author and international speaker. He currently practices integrated medicine in London.

He has written 8 books on health and nutrition, and won multiple awards in his career. To read his latest articles, go visit his blog:

4. Dr. William Davis

A picture of William DavisDr. William Davis is a cardiologist based in Wisconsin, and founder of the Track Your Plaque program, which focuses on heart disease prevention.

He has a lot of experience in preventing heart disease in his patients, and noticed that wheat seems to be one of the biggest offenders. You can read his latest articles here: Wheat Belly Blog.

5. Dr. Emily Deans

A picture of Emily DeansDr. Emily Deans is a psychiatrist in Massachusetts who seeks evolutionary solutions to modern mental health problems. She is currently a clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard medical school.

She is a regular contributor to Psychology Today. For more info, visit her blog.

6. Dr. Rosedale

A picture of Ron RosedaleDr. Ron Rosedale is an expert in metabolic and nutritional medicine, and has performed a lot of ground breaking work with diabetic patients.

You can find his latest articles on his blog: Dr. Rosedale.

7. Dr. Jack Kruse

A picture of Jack KruseDr. Jack Kruse is a neurosurgeon residing in Tennessee, where he heads the staff of Nashville neurosurgery, treating chronic pain. He has become very popular for his approach on resetting leptin sensitivity.

He personally lost 133 pounds following evolutionary principles, and in his spare time writes about health and nutrition.

Visit his website for more info: Jack Kruse.

8. Dr Anastasia Boulais

A picture of Anastasia BoulaisDr. Anastasia Boulais currently resides in Australia, and is a brand new doctor, fresh out of medical school.

She is very interested in health and fitness, and attempts to blend conventional medical wisdom with evolutionary principles on her blog: PrimalMedEd.

9. Dr Cate Shanahan

A picture of Cate ShanahanDr. Cate Shanahan is a Family Physician, who acquired a background in biochemistry and genetics before going to medical school.

She has written two books and shares knowledge about how to shop, cook and eat on her blog: Dr Cate.

10. Dr Judy Tsafrir

A picture of Judy TsafrirDr. Judy Tsafrir is a holistic psychiatrist in Massachusetts, who focuses on nutritional and unconventional methods to heal her patients.

She is a firm believer in evolutionary approaches to nutrition, and is a certified GAPS practitioner. To find out more about her, check out her website: Judy Tsafrir MD.

If you want to schedule an appointment with a paleo/low-carb friendly doctor in an area near you, then you should take a look at the Paleo Physicians Network and Primal Docs.


  1. Love this list! I will be sharing it with my clients as well.

  2. Thanks for the list, Kristjan. I made the primal/paleo switch last November thanks in large part to Mark Sisson’s blog, so this list will definitely help give me a few more people to check out.

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