Common Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms In the Short- and Long-Term

Vitamin D is produced naturally in the skin when it is exposed to ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Vitamin D actually functions as a steroid hormone in the body, where it can influence the activity of various genes, turning them on or off.

I’ve written quite a bit about Vitamin D before, but in this article I will go into detail about Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms.
A picture of Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms
If you would like more info on Vitamin D, check out some of my other posts on the subject:

I would like to divide Vitamin D deficiency symptoms into two categories: short-term symptoms and long-term symptoms.

The short term symptoms are the ones you might be experiencing today, affecting your daily life. The long term symptoms may not show up until old age.

Short term Vitamin D deficiency symptoms

Rickets: Rickets is caused by a deficiency in Vitamin D, calcium or phosphorus.

It used to be a common symptom of vitamin d deficiency but has not been a major problem since food manufacturers started fortifying milk and other foods with small doses of Vitamin D.

Depression: There is some evidence to show that low Vitamin D levels have an association with depression. Studies have shown that Vitamin D3 can alleviate seasonal depression during winter months.

Weakened immune system: Most cells in the body contain receptor sites for Vitamin D and these include immune system cells.

Vitamin D has been shown to enhance the activity of those cells, and to decrease chances of developing autoimmune diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis.

Mysterious health issues: Vitamin D has many varied effects on the cells in the body, and if you have any mysterious health issues then you should have a blood test done to make sure you are not Vitamin D deficient.

Long term symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency

Osteoporosis: An important role of Vitamin D is regulating calcium absorption in the digestive tract and calcium balance in the bones.

Weakened and brittle bones are common symptoms of deficiency, where severe cases end with osteoporosis.

Cancer: Many research studies have found an association of Vitamin D deficiency with various forms of cancer.

This makes the recommendation to avoid sun exposure to reduce chances of skin cancer seem questionable, since avoiding the sun and therefore lowering vitamin d levels may increase risk of other forms of cancer.

Heart Disease: Higher Vitamin D levels have been shown to have a favourable effect on cardiovascular disease.

One study found that older adults who were Vitamin D deficient had twice the chances of developing cardiovascular disease (the #1 killer) compared to those who had adequate levels.


If you would like more info on research regarding Vitamin D, I recommend you take a look at the Vitamin D Council’s Research Section.

There are many other health issues that have been associated with low Vitamin D levels, including: muscle weakness, obesity, fatigue, chronic pain, cognitive impairment in older adults, increased risk of bone fractures, diabetes, and many more.

Correcting Vitamin D levels alone is probably not going to completely fix the above symptoms, but it sure might help.

There is a high risk of a deficiency in Vitamin D for people who live in northern areas where sun is not abundant year round.

People may not even know they are deficient since these vitamin d deficiency symptoms may often be subtle and perhaps never noticed until in old age, when there is an increased chance of developing serious illnesses.

The only way to know for sure if you are deficient or not is to have your doctor do a blood test for 25(OH)D. If your levels are below 30ng/ml then you have a deficiency.

In that case, increasing sun exposure or taking Vitamin D3 as a supplement can get your levels back to normal.


  1. This information was very helpful, Thanks.
    I had lab work done a few days ago and I cant seem to get a straight answer “definition”
    on them. As far as what numbers mean. My Vitamin D 25 hydroxy test showed a 13 so
    reading the above information lets me know thats NOT good.

  2. Correct, that is most surely a sign of deficiency :)

    • Kate Samerson says:

      I was diagnosed with ME/CFS Fibromyalgia approx 8 years ago, also high blood pressure. Before that I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid. I’ve never been given any help from the medical profession for this apart from being sent to the Mental Health Clinic for Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and told to ‘pace’! To me it was a joke and did nothing to help. After living with exhaustion and chronic pain I’ve tried to live my life as normally as possible. I was out of work for 5 years after diagnosis but this meant I was able to have a social life. For the last 3 years I started my own business as a dog walker as I’ve always loved to be outdoors and have 2 dogs of my own. I find it completely draining so no longer have a social life but I’m doing what I love in the outdoors all day. My point is I saw a new doctor last week who thought I had Coeliac Disease but that came back as negative and she also tested me for Vitamin D deficiency which came back as severely deficient at 16.2ng/ml. I questioned the doctor about this as I spend all day out in the sun and every other element. How can I possibly so deficient? I eat a good diet too. Such a low reading is associated with someone who is bedridden and never sees the sun. The doctor hasn’t given me any answers. There must be some reason why I’m not absorbing Vit D. Have I got some other underlying disease which is causing this. The doctor hasn’t offered to send me for anymore testing and it makes me wonder if the diagnosis of ME etc was correct and if I’ve been Vitamin D deficient all these years? I asked if they’d ever tested me for Vit D before and they said no. I’m just don’t understand.

      • Anthony says:

        I also have been diagnosed with M.E, about three years ago. I spent two years seeing someone privately for osteopathy/detox massage, and I’m aware there is a constant tussle between the NHS and the private sector in explaining, diagnosing and treating ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome. This particular osteopath believed it was all about poor lymphatic drainage, and although his theories made sense, I’m not sure the practise (or the cost) did so.

        I’ve been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency before, but this osteopath convinced me it wasn’t the underlying cause. I suffer from Scheurmann’s Kyphosis, a curvature of the spince, and he made out it was very severe. After seeing a more down to earth Chiropractor, he told me the kyphosis was hardly noticeable, and that it was maybe a complex I had, believing it was worse than it was (having professionals tell you it’s bad doesn’t f****ing help!) . Well now I really think it is the Vitamin D, and I’m having blood tests done tomorrow by a new doctor who suggested it was that. Fatigue, depression, feeling listless, looking pale, all the signs are there and I’m pretty sure the doc is gonna be right.

        Hopefully she’ll be able to shed some light on the reasons I’m low, but I’d imagine most people here in the UK are! There is no sun. So maybe Kate, you’ve just maintained a low level, or you require more than you’ve been getting.

        Also, worth mentioned, my brother has Crohn’s and has trouble absorbing vitamins, so it’s definitely something to consider. Find a doctor with common sense I say!

      • SueinNJ says:

        I was diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome (like fibro) about 6 years ago. I am FINALLY on the road to recovery after going to Myofascial Release Therapy (MUCH better results than regular massage). And, the final piece of the puzzle seems to be the gluten free diet. Many people have gluten sensitivity but do not test positive for Celiac. You should definitely try no gluten for at least a month. I felt a huge difference in my muscle pain/tightness within a week! It’s totally worth it!

        • It’s worth mentioning that if someone is giving the gluten free diet a shot to remember that you should not cheat on this diet even ONCE, and be sure to avoid crumbs, re-using utensils before washing when cooking different foods and checking out all the sneaky names of gluten in the ingredient list even in your drinks. When in doubt, don’t eat it! The inflammation in the intestines caused by consuming gluten takes weeks to go down even from minute amounts in severe cases.

          Just to give yourself peace of mind that you gave it 100% effort be sure to follow this rule, and then you will know for sure.

          Kidney damage can also prevent vitamin d from being converted to its useable form to the body so get those checked too.

          It’s your body and your life and YOU have to deal with your symptoms. If a doctor isn’t giving you all the attention you deserve then demand a referral to a new one and don’t stop until you feel healthy again. Get an advocate if you are too ill to fight for yourself. If you are alone and cannot count on a friend or relative many clinics and hospitals have programs of nurses and even volunteers from the community to do these things with you.

          And for the few who are being hindered by depression or some other mental hardship, try to think which started first to give you a clue on what you should be focusing on the most. Depression and its subcategories produce real ailments, and can make you quite sick physically. When the psychological inevitably conjoins with physical illness they feed each other in a vicious cycle. Don’t feel ashamed or dismiss taking an antidepressant – whether or not you are depressed they DO have painkilling effects and might be just the boost you need to get over the hump to recovery.

          Good luck to everyone!

      • I have been reading studies that say they are finding people with fibromyalgia had a decrease in their pain and symptoms of up to 80% just going on a gluten free diet. I would think it’s worth a try.

      • I hope since you posted you have done some research on the web and found out why you and many others are Vit. D deficient despite getting what you feel is enough sun.

        I will turn 50 this month and since the beginning of Easter I have been feeling run down and then got a terrible sinus infection (my 1st ever!) was treated with a course of antibiotics, didn’t work. It moved into my Upper Resp. Sys., so Dr. gave me a 2nd type of antibiotic and it finally went away. However, besides the two infections (weakened immune system–symptom of Vit. D deficiency), my most debilitating symptom that has continued on is that I am EXHAUSTED–another symptom!!!

        I finally went in for all of my regular annual blood work, a liver panel, thyroid and my Dr. suggested both a B12 and D test. Of all the tests, I told her there was no way I was Vit. D deficient. I too have a dog and I am terrible about remembering sunscreen PLUS I love to work outside in my flower garden. Plenty of sun, so I thought. All of my tests came back yesterday with no issues, except the Vit. D!! My number was 21 ng/mL, so higher than yours, but as I started doing research I found I had many of the typical symptoms and that 50 ng/mL is becoming more widely accepted as the minimum instead of 30 ng/mL.

        I also found that we are not alone and vit. D deficiency is a big problem and the benefits of higher vit. D levels above 50 ng/mL are incredible. I hope you have done some research since your post, but if you haven’t please click on the Vitamin D Council’s Research Section , of the article you posted this to under CONCLUSION. I have found the information here to be very valuable. It also explains why you and others are not getting enough Vit. D, despite time spent outside.

        I only found I was deficient less than 24 hours ago, so I haven’t started treatment, but I have already learned so much. Please do not question the test results and check into this important issue and do what it takes to increase your Vit. D levels (follow your Dr’s advice or get a 2nd opinion) and improve your health and energy level. From one Kate to another….Good luck!!!!!

      • Hello, I am sorry to hear about your issues. I am a 27 year old female who is finally fixed. I have a question. Are you Gluten Intolerant? Or maybe you have a genetic problem because I found out that I have a problem with my MTHFR gene which causes my body to not absorb nutrients. I am also Gluten Intolerant which the combination of the two problems causes me to REALLY have a problem absorbing nutrients. I also have other issues as well. I went to a million doctors before i found one that knew what he was talking about. Before a doctor named Andrew Heyman i was diagnosed with a million different things. I went and saw him and he was the one who finally figured everything out and fixed me. He does integrative medicine or something (sorry I would be more specific but I’m trying to just be brief, you can google him and then try to find a doc like him in your area, Dr. Heyman’s practice is in VA). He found out all of the things wrong with my body by doing a simple blood test that other doctors never even tried, or even THOUGHT to try. So I would really try this type of doctor, a lot of people think they are like witch doctors or something but that couldnt be further from the truth. they actually know more than regular practitioners. (well the ones who study integrative medicine since they take their education to the next level and educate themselves beyond medical school). Anyway I really hope this helps because it was a lifelong battle for me and I FINALLY found some relief. I was having seizures and was in so much pain i couldnt even get out of bed for a long time. i even had to quit my job at one point. You would never be able to tell there was ever anything wrong with me now. Good luck and you wont regret seeing this type of doc!

      • I also have been diagnosed with Vitamin D deficiency. Mine is steaming from stage 3 chronic Kidney disease.. You should ask your Doctor to screen for kidney disease. If your Dr. is not helping you I suggest you find a new Dr. This is serious and needs to be addressed.. Good luck

      • Even if you test negative for Celiac, you can have gluten intolerance. I was diagnosed with Myofascial pain (like Fibromyalgia), and upon the advice of my longtime chiropractor, tried a gluten free diet. And, by the way, my vitamin D was on the low side too. Since going gluten free (4 months now), I have no more pain in my neck, and MUCH fewer headaches!!!! And, my vitamin D is fine (I have been taking a supplement for about a year now).

      • Dear Kate, I too was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, also Hashimotos Thyroiditis. Vitamin D is essential to my well being. I also take magnesium before bedtime. I was sick for 20 years before I finally found a Dr. that really wanted to help me. What I learned is I have to be very proactive in my health care.

  3. hi i have had chronic pain along with swelling and pressure on both my feet.It is especially bad when i wake up in the morning and just before i go to sleep. it gets very difficult to walk with closed shoes due to swelling and pain. have done blood tests just waiting on reesults dont understand what the problem is as i am only 29.My doctor seems to think that it may be vitamin d defficiency. Hopefully the results will tell us. Allthough i have just had a baby girl 12 months ago maybe that could be the cause as well ” water retension” as the doctors would put it .
    Im really concerned maybe you can tell me what it might be.


    Shahlla Mirza

    • Hello Shahlla,

      I’m afraid I don’t have any clear answer for you. My best guess would be to try and minimizing sodium and processed foods. Possible other dietary sources that you might want to try cutting out for a while include gluten (wheat), dairy and sugar, although this is just guesswork here.

      I’ve never heard of a Vitamin D deficiency causing water retention before but I’m sure your doctor knows more about it. If you’re unsatisfied then it never hurts to get a second opinion from another doctor.

      You should check out this forum thread:

      And this article here:

      Let me know if you have any more questions.

      Hope that helps,

    • Hi Sheila, I have suffered with all kinds of health problems including the water retention and pressure on my feet and sometimes hands. I have been studying herbs and vitamins and healthy foods for years and My experience with what you are dealing with is Vitamin B-6 take 100mg twice daily it would be even better to get 100mg complete Bs and take 1 twice a day! Also drink a gallon of pure mountain spring water through out the day and put a high quality green drink with all different kinds of grasses in it you will be amazed at the results! Also chia seeds 1 tablespoon 3 times a day! I personally think alots of avacados, veggies, buckwheat, spelt, nuts and seeds veggie broths with braggs amino acids are great choices! If you want e mail me for recipes I have a lot that are delish!! Good luck and hope you feel healthy soon!!

      • OMG! Alarms are going off in my head! After two podiatrists, and a foot bone specialist that says I probably have Arthritis, this is the most positive info I have seen so far. Thanks for the tips Mari. I’d love to get your recipes!

      • Can you send me some recipes please, have several of the same symptoms, thanks.

    • A Dovydaitis says:

      Shahlla, my 14 year old daughter has had unresolved calf and bipedal foot swelling for about a year now. We have seen a cardiologist, a nephrologist, a vascular specialist, had abdominal and pelvic ultrasounds, and a lower back MRI and the only thing that has been diagnosed is a chronic vitamin D deficiency. I have looked all over for comments on Vit d levels and edema. Maybe it is out there just not reported enough. Next we see a endocrinologist and rheumatologist. Please let me know if your sweilling resolves…take care

  4. I have had severe cramps throughout my body, a broken bone which has not healed in 18 months, am extremely tired, have chronic muscle and joint pain and have cognitive impairment among other problems. Drs. have told me for years that it was Fibromyalgia. I recently started going to a new doctor. She ordered a vitamin D test. The results were 4.6 which is extremely low. What other problems can vitamin D this low cause? Do you think it has anything to do with my broken bone not healing. (I now have AVN in the bone.) I have not had the chance to talk to the doctor in length yet. Although she ordered meds to treat the problem. I just don’t know why my vitamin D is so low. How long does it take to get this low? I get alot of sun, eat fish weekly. What else do you recommend?

    • Please see my post on Candida, that is the culprit because we are not getting enough Vitamin D3, sun exposure we are more susceptible to viruses and funguses… Once your levels get up and you follow the other post, including lots of fruits and vegetables and protein…plenty of good water, you will begin to feel better. You also need plenty of coral calcium and magnesium malate…Vitamin D3 helps the body absorb caclium better….so poor bone health! I’m no doctor but before I did anything invasive, I would change my diet to include foods rich in Vitamin D, calcium, vitamin C…for at least 90 days then revisit… Plenty of dark green leafy vegetables….for calcium absorption. I would also add diatomaceous earth to your regimen…food grade…to help the body with silica which also helps bone health…

  5. Hello Theresa,

    Please be aware that I am not a doctor and am unable to give you any sort of medical advice, only my personal opinions.

    Some research supports that low vitamin d levels are correlated with fibromyalgia:

    And Vitamin D is most definitely implicated in bone health. I think it is more than likely that low Vitamin D levels might be causing some of your symptoms.

    You only get vitamin d from sun if it is strong sun, like it is around the equator, with full-body exposure. If you live somewhere up north, or are wearing clothes in the sun, then your body will not produce a lot of Vitamin D. The small amount you get from fish is negligible, but you can get a useful amount by supplementing with Cod Fish Liver Oil.

    I don’t know how long it takes for the levels to get so low.

    What I recommend is for you to take a Vitamin D3 supplement, with oil-filled gel caps. You might start with 5000-1000IU for several weeks/months, then you should have another blood test done to measure your levels and then adjust the dosage accordingly.

    I think aiming for levels of 50-80ng/ml would be a good idea, at least that is what is recommended by the Vitamin D council.

    Vitamin D supplementation is very safe, but you should definitely speak to your doctor about this.

  6. hi. i was just told i have a vitamin d deficiency after blood work (16), and the doctor wants me to take a supplement, then check back in 3 months. for a while i’ve been experiencing symptoms of extreme fatigue, lack of energy, and just generally being out of it. in a way i pretty much feel high all the time. is it possible that any of these symptoms are linked to the vitamin d deficiency??

    thank you =)

  7. Hey Bob,

    those very well could be vitamin d deficiency symptoms, and if your doctor thinks so then they probably are :)

  8. Great information here – I was especially interested in the effects Vitamin D (or lack of it) can have on a person’s immune system. I recently went through a month long bout of hives and my blood work showed extremely low levels of Vitamin D. While it was not a definitive answer as to what caused this reaction when I’ve only experienced hives one other time in my life and that was an allergic reaction to contrast dye.

    My doctor supplementation starting at 5000IU which I’ve just started. I’m hoping this will also impact the fatigue and forgetfulness I’ve been experiencing as well.

    Thank you for posting this information!


  9. Michelle Gutierrez says:

    Hi, Reading this is very helpful. I have had extreme fatigue, diabetes, weight gain, etc.and depression for a long time. Recently, I saw an endocrinologist who decided to check my Vitamin D levels and she reported my levels are extremely low. I am taking 50,000 IU weekly. Do you know how long it takes to see an improvement?

  10. Hello Michelle.
    It is very hard to tell for sure because it will depend on the individual, but you should probably see in an improvement in a few months.

  11. I was diagnosed with an extremely low vitman d level (8). I was going back and forth to doctors before I recieved this answer. Before they were telling me I had stress and anxiety, because I also lost a significant amount of weight (15-20 pds) in 3 months! I am now taking 50,000iu twice a week, but I am wondering if this is going to make things better. I fear that there is something else that the doctors may be missing. My symptoms range from headaches, chest pain, arm pain, stomach pain, tingling throughout body, dizziness, lightheadedness, and the list goes on. If you can give some sort of insight on this, it will be greatly appreciated!

    • Tee Jay, the 50.000IU twice a week should be enough to relieve your vitamin d deficiency. You should check it the type of vitamin is Ergocalciferol (D2) or Cholecalciferol (D3). D3 works much better.

      I am afraid I can’t be of any use regarding those other symptoms, you’re going to have to turn to your doctor for those. If you’re concerned, make sure to tell your doctor about it and get a second opinion if you’re unsatisfied.

    • Could you possibly be exposed to mold. I have the same symptoms after three years of mold exposure

  12. once again thanks kris for the valuable information you submit on your site.
    regards yvonne

  13. My vitamin d lab results came back with extreme vitamin d deficiency. I had gastric bypass for weight loss, that is why I don’t absorb vitamin d, and also that is why general otc supplements do me no good. My physician has me on 50,000 iu three times a week. The only side effect I am having from taking the vitamin d is severe leg cramping, even going down into my feet and toes. So he added otc MagOxide 400mg. What is your opinion of the MagOxide for the leg cramping? Is there any other otc supplements that I would benefit from for the cramping? Thank you.

    • Hello Libby, Magnesium Oxide isn’t absorbed very well. Personally I take Magnesium Citrate, about 200-400 milligrams per day.

      The best way to get Vitamin D is through sun, and I would make sure that you are taking D3 (cholecalciferol) but not D2 (ergocalciferol).

  14. Hey, I have just found out that my Vitamin D level is 14. I knew something was wrong with me I just didn’t know what. I have a 5 month old baby and thought maybe my hormones were out of wack. I have been feeling dizzy, having heart palpitations, having a lot of trouble concentrating, and the bones in my knees and feet have been sore. I have IBS and take colestid for it. I’m wondering how much vitamin D I have been losing related to that drug binding to Vitamin D. I am so relieved now that I know what is wrong with me. I thought this info my help someone else. My doctor prescribed D2 50,000 IU once a week for 4 weeks and D3 10,000 IU everyday for 4 weeks and then I am going to get my level redrawn. I already feel better after 4 days of taking the meds. :)

    • Have u been tested for celiac? Ibs is a frequent misdiagnosis. I have vitamin d deficiency because I have celiac. It tok my gyno to catch it….despite having been to numerous gastrointerolgists over the years.

  15. Hello Kris, I have had a very low energy level and been feeling somewhat depressed for some time. I attributed it to other factors in my life and when I went to my doctor for another complaint(loss of libido) she had some blood work done. She found that my Vitamin D level was 10 and that I was also deficient in vitamin B12. My glucose level was 5.7 which is apparently on the line for being pre-diabetic, although most of the other results looked very good. She put me on 50000IU of D2 once a week however I noticed that others that posted here are also taking D3 10000IU daily. Are you aware of any negative side effects if I added 10000IU of D3? Can you get too much Vitamin D2 or D3? Thank you

    • The D3 form is called Cholecalciferol and is found in animal foods, while D2 is called Ergocalciferol and is found in plants. They are very similar, but not the same, and D3 functions better than D2 in your body.

      I honestly don’t understand why your doctor would prescribe D2, rather than D3. You should definitely ask about it, in my opinion.

      • Thanks Kristjan,

        It makes sense that she prescribed D2 since I am a vegetarian, although she did not tell me why she did not prescribe D3.


    • Decreased levels of B12 and d will cause your glucose to be high. Again, very symptamatic of mold exposure

  16. I have had a deficiency in Vitamin D for 2 years now. I have been on 50,000 a week and I am still low. They have me now on 2,000 a day plus 50,000 iu a week. I do not understand why I am still low after all the vit D I have been on. I do not eat a poor diet – I eat veggies, chicken, eggs etc, my blood work shows that my body is in good condition (thyroid, liver, kidneys, cholesterol etc). I am overweight and losing but I do not know why I am so overweight If you saw what I eat most people would be skinny. So I am trying to figure out what would make me lose or not absorb vitamin D. Any suggestions? When I ask the Dr.s they aren’t too concerned but I am consuming a lot of vitamin D and I am still deficient.

    • Kristjan says:

      Are you taking D2 or D3? D3 works better.

      I believe gluten can hinder Vitamin D absorption, so you might try cutting out wheat for a while to see if it helps.

      The obvious choice would be to get more sun though, as that will make your body produce vitamin d in the skin. If that is an option for you then that is something you should definitely try out.

    • did u check antibodies for your thyroid? u can have normal thyroid levels but just having anti thyroid antibodies will cause symptoms and block vitamin d receptors

  17. Jessica says:

    Hello Kris (& everyone),
    I am so relieved to hear about the above posts, you have NO idea. I was just told today that I have “low” Vitamin D (i do not know the exact level) and I need to start taking a supplement. This test was NOT done by my PCP, and I am not seeing him until the 13th, and the results are being forwarded to him. I have felt so many of the same symptoms for so long, and I have chalked them up to “life” and other things. Extreme fatigue, tingling sensations, overall out of it feeling…one person mentioned feeling as if they were “high”…that is how I feel sometimes…as if I cannot concentrate. I am a special education teacher and I feel like some of my ADHD students most of the time.

    So, babbling here…lol. I do not want to wait until the 13th…what do you recommend I start taking? What dosage? How many and at what time per day?
    Thanks in advance=)
    – Jessica

    • Hello Jessica,

      4.000 IU per day of Vitamin D3 (Cholecalciferol) is a safe dosage. I recommend you have them with a fatty meal, it doesn’t really matter which time of day as long as you remember taking them.

  18. madeline brujic says:

    I have very low vitamin D, I now understand what has been going on, aches and pains. I was diagnosed with crohns about twenty years ago and ibs recentley, I am now on the low fodmat diet, which has really settled the ibs, I do think low vitamin d is due to maladsorption, as I get a lot of sun in western australia, keep up the good advice

    • You should look into avoiding grains, especially gluten grains like wheat. I believe IBS is very responsive to grain avoidance and gluten-free diets.

  19. hello, im just to know to all of you that everytime i bowel i get weak and feel sick all day long, i just want to know if this is also related to vit.D deficiency? pls need some help thanx!

    • Kristjan says:

      I really don’t know. You should see a doctor and check if you are deficient or not.

      • i,ve done so many test except for colonoscopy and vit d test, doctor suspect was that i have ibs, he told me me take colonoscopy also to see if ther a tumor in my intestine, but i looked for second opinion and the doc test me for fecalys occult blood test which result was negative. im from phillipines which colonoscopy is very expensive, that’s why i’m looking ang asking for any possible cause of my problem. this was start for over 4 years. thanks for response kristjan!

  20. ur right even doctor can’t figure it out too, my symptoms are like vit d deficiency and it’s trigger after my bowel, they say anxiety is the root of my problem. by the way thanks for ur time and valuable advise keep it up! yoys!!

  21. hey, i am a working lady so its difficult for me to get sun exposure in morning time, but the days like Saturday and Sunday i can only sit around 5pm and onwards, so my question is that is it beneficial for me to sit at the time or it may create more problems, as i am Vit D deficient girl ? please give some knowledge.

  22. Sarika, it will probably depend on how strong the sun is. If you’ve been diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency, you could try increasing your sun exposure and then get retested in a while. Or you could just take a D3 supplement.

    • I put 2 comments on this site please answer as soon as possible know you are busy but truly scared to death about taking this vitamin d….thank you Lynn

  23. thank you so much dear for quick response. actually mine vit D is only 4 and this i got to know when i had pain in my lower rib. i am having Vit. D supplements. but still i am worried about this deficiency. will you suggest me that which is the best time to sit under sun exposure…

    • I too, have just been diagnosed with a vitamin d deficiency. My test reviled a 13. In 2005, I was diagnosed with Barretts esophagus. I am on aciphex and a restricted diet. I neededto lose weight, I met goal on Dec. 2006 and have been maintaining. About a year ago, I started struggling to maintain. I am a walker. Iwalk 5 to 6 days a week. One week I walked 52 miles and lost2/10 of a lb. My legs, feet and ankles swell and ache. I feel dizzy. My fingernails are a mess. They ran. a thyroid test but instead found vit d defiency. I have. pain sometimes in my inner thighs so bad I feel like I could fall down.

      • Be careful about taking the aciphex before any other meds as it will “coat” the stomach, which is what it is supposed to do for the acid reflux, but in doing so will interfere with your ability to absorb and meds that follow.

  24. I just got lab results, vitamin d level is 9, went to doctor for headache lasting 2 months. Also pressure that felt like I was wearing a very tight baseball cap. It has taken another month just to get blood work (long story), anyway I didn’t realize my extreme fatigue and depression was related until I read these posts. Has anyone else had the “tight baseball cap feeling”? I honestly started feeling like I was either crazy or dying. I started feeling like when I went to sleep it might be for the last time and I really didn’t care. I haven’t seen a doctor since I got my results and I am not sure what I may be facing. I am a little scared because I don’t have much faith in my doctor (another long story). The only reason I have results is because I was able to get the lab the give them to me. I tried getting results from my doctor’s office a week ago along with brain mri results and they still haven’t gotten back to me. Not sure if I should start otc supplements at this time or wait for doctor to advise? My biggest question here is the tight baseball cap sensation.

    • Hey Dana,
      I saw your post about the tight baseball cap feeling, I never experienced that, my level was 14 when I finally figured out what was wrong with me. I promise you, you are gonna feel so much better when you start taking the Vitamin D. Good Luck!

      • Thanks Laurie,

        Your post is encouraging. I made an appt with my doctor today, amazingly I have an appt for tomorrow morning. I started 5000 iu D3 yesterday on my own. Can’t wait to see what the Doctor prescribes. I have felt lousy for so long I just can’t wait to feel human again.

    • Vitamin D supplementation is very safe. If you know that you’re deficient then I can’t see any reason not to start supplementing, given that you don’t have any health issues.

    • Hi Dana,
      I was just diagnosed with severly deficient in Vit D..9, and I have that feeling in my head as well as the other symptons, such as fatigue, muscle pain and weakness, muscle twitching…Just started my Vit D treatment, 50,000 for 8 weeks. I’m hoping for improvement.

  25. I was told I was low in vitimin d and was given vitmin d(ergo) 50,000IU CA Pliva and to take it once a week for 4 weeks however i am also taking alot of meds Digoxin, Pradaxa,Flecinide and Metoprolol some of the sites said becareful when taking Digoxin the pharmacygave me no complete answers and my doctor well he said I’d be okay however he did not explain why i needed to take this and the effects it would do can anyone help me????

  26. I just left a comment but forgot to say i have afib but ave been in normal rythem most of the time can taking this vitimin d supplement hurt me scared to take it because on sooo many meds…please answer right away have to start taking on monday april 23rd please help!!!!!!!

    • A quick google search reveals that you need to be cautious with vitamin d and digoxin. If your doctor and pharmacist both say that it’s okay, then it probably is. I’m sorry but I really don’t have a better answer for you as I don’t know anything about these drugs yet.

  27. I was diagnoses about a year ago vitamin D deficient. My doctor put me on 5,000 mlg. Of vitamin D and sent me on my way. I am now out of work from a herniated disc and a pinched nerve. It just happened all of a sudden, electrical shocks from my neck down on my right side. I am on my feet for 13-14 hour days at work. It’s just made me start to realize some other strange symptoms. My bones and muscles hurt all the time, keeps me awake so I sleep very little. It’s like I need to move or I get stiff and hurt bad. I am having dizzy spells. I can be standing or even sitting. I have blurry vision I have headaches and I vomit sometimes. I wondering if someone can help me. I’m also only 37. I’m scared!

  28. This artical was VERY helpful, Thank You. I looked it up because I just had some blood tests done and found out that anything below 30mgs is considered deficient, mine is 15. I don’t know how long it’s been this low. I have been have a lot of muscle weakness, cronic body pain, fatigue, depression . My Dr. has perscribed me a very strong vitamine D complex for like 6 weeks. I pray this is the answer to the symtoms I been having and it’s not too late to correct them. Thanks again.

  29. toya wilso says:

    After reading this and going to the doctor, I found out my vitiam D level was 0.5

  30. Hi, I have been feeling lethargic,depressed and have poor concertration.I told my new Dr about this and she wanted to test my vit D level as well as other tests.I do not know what my level was but she told me to take 800u/day. Is this a low dosage. Thank you Joni

  31. i to have the vitamin d defiency,been going 2 doctors for over 2 years now,aches all over in arms legs hips,genralized aching,extreme tiredness,found out 4 weeks ago was d defiecient,levels 15 which doctors said is severe,started me on 20,000 u, 2 times per week,its been a month now,and had my blood work done friday will get results monday,i feel more tired than ever,and very nauseated,cant believe d defiency could affect me so badly,i also have ibs ,wondered if there was a correlation with vit d and ibs as read a couple of posts on here xx

  32. Hi, I have almost all the symptoms. My bones/joints hurt, i feel tired all the time, i have a “stitch” on my upper right hand side of my stomach for more than a few days. I also have trouble waking up in the mornings. If i do oversize my muscles heal for a long time. My immune system is pretty weak at the moment. I live in Washington, and we only have real sunny days rarly. whats my chances of having vitamin d deficiency?

  33. Hi. you seemed to have missed my post above Sharron’s. Thank you, Joni

    • Hello. Sorry about that, thought I answered it already.

      Anyway, 800IU per day is a fairly low dosage when you’re trying to correct a deficiency, but might be good enough to maintain your levels once they are corrected.

      The best thing you can do is to wait a few weeks and then have your levels measured again. If they haven’t improved much then you will need a higher dosage. It really depends on the individual how much Vitamin D is required.

  34. well I took my first dose of vitamine D, “50,000 IU, , last Wed. and it seems already I can tell a little differance in my energy level so I hope this is gonna work for me. My only wonder is; When i’m through with this 6 Wk. program, am I gonna have to keep taking a vitamine D suppliment with a lower dose? I just hope that the lack of it in my system hasen’t done irreverseable damage!!

    • I wouldn’t be worried about irreversible damage, that’s unlikely.

      You might need to continue taking a maintenance dose after you have corrected your blood levels. It mainly depends on your sun exposure. If you live where sun is not abundant year round, then taking Vitamin D through the winter months might be a good idea.

      A tablespoon of cod fish liver oil also provides about 1.000IU of Vitamin D, if you’re against supplements for some reason.

  35. Hi, I was in the hospital 6 months ago and they were giving me D3 3000U.I asked the nurse what it was for and she just said ,”your bones.” I quit taking it because I am not good at taking vitamins or suppliments. Now I am only on the 800U.Can levels go up and down? I am now taking the vit D faithfully due to what my new doctor told me. She told me it will help with your depression,lethargy and joint pain. Joni

  36. tabbykatt says:

    hello kristjan

    i woke up one day with this pain all over my body
    and for the past month it only gotten worst.
    it even hurt to make a fist.i work 12 hour shift at night
    so it is hard for me to get out in the sun
    i tryed soking in a hot
    bath and had my husband rub me down in ben gay.
    now i am even losting my hair.i used to be a fun loving
    person always on the i know what it feels
    like to be old.sitting for more then 10 minutes at a time
    my bones feels like they locked up on me.

    wondering is there anything you could think of that might make
    me feel like i am 45 and 95

  37. No I have no problem taking suppliments, in fact I take a B complex and E. I took my 2nd dose of 50,000IU vitamin D. I am feeling much better already, the body aches, the tiredness, that sluggish feeling is all starting to fade away. I am so thankfull for my new Dr. that finially took the time to listen to me and do something for me. She is a God send. So to all those that are just starting a vitamin D treatment, be patient, it will make such a differance in your life.

  38. I am a diabetic with a long history of Cancer. I was told by my doctor that I was very low of vitamin D and needed to take a supplement. They contribute the low levels to being diabetic and the cancer treatments which included chemo and radiation. My immune system is really whacked out. Also been diagnosed with mild depression. Is there any evidence that vitamin D can help prevent cancer?

    • Hello Brian. Yes there is some evidence that it can help prevent some forms of cancer. It is always a good idea to optimize your D levels.

  39. Sean Reardon says:

    Glad I found this site. I had never had a physical as an adult. I am 47, 6’3 and weigh 200lbs. I excercise and considered myself in good health. Over the last 4 months, my knee was extremely swollen, I’ve sufferered from panic / anxiety attacks / depression. Just overall felt like…. Two weeks ago, I went to an orthapedic surgeon to see what was going on with my knee. I play adult lacrosse and could not bear to miss the summer season. He could not find any reason ( bone or visual) why my knee was so swollen. The doc who gave me the physical a month ago, drained 120 cc’s of fluid off my knee, and it was swolllen again by the end of the day. The orthapedic scheduled an MRI, and was mentioning tissue sample if the MRI showed nothing. When I got home that night, I had a message from the doc’s office from the physical that all my blood work came back normal, but I had severerly low vit D ( mine was a 7). He called in a 50K IC prescription, and I took the first pill that night 8 days ago. ( have to take 1 pill a week for 3 months and get retested) In 3 days, my knee swelling was completely gone, and I felt like a new man. I will say that 5 days after I took the pill, I started to get sore and by the day I was supposed to take the next one, I felt like ….. However, after I took the second pill two days ago, I felt great the next morning, so I’m hoping that as time goes on I will continue to feel better. I cannot stress what a diference this has made in my life ( both physically and emotionally) I really felt like I was slowly dying. Plus my knee has not been swellon since the first dose and I have been able to run and train for lacrosse. Hope this helps some of you and I’ll surely follow up as time goes by….Great site!

    • This is an amazing blog and I too am suffering from low Vit D levels and have had an abrupt onset of puzzling sx including severe muscle cramping/pain, spasms, more fatigue, etc. I am replying to the person who wrote about his knee swelling, etc. As glad as I am and as *hopeful* as I am about the Vit D helping, I can’t help but comment that the swelling knee w/ synovial fluid could possibly be a telltale sign of Lyme Disease. Though I did not have the knee swelling, I did have a sudden onset of fever, pain, neuropathies, brain fog, heart palps, etc etc etc (go to or or – if you have had any kind of outside exposure, pls look into further testing as only treatment will truly take away your sx. Just a thought, best of health to you and other here!!

  40. Thank you for the information on vitamin d as we are all in need of certain vitamins.

  41. Michelle says:

    Wow. I am glad I came across your site. I was beginning to feel like I am crazy. I am experiencing what others are with the muscle/joint pain, headaches, feeling like there’s a band of pressure around my head, dizzy/vertigo for 3+ months…I am Vitamin D deficient too, I tested at 20. Have had swollen wrists, knees, ankles, painful feet…..I can’t wait to feel better. Took my first 50,000 Vit D2 pill tonight! I’m considering adding D3 after reading all of these posts. And tanning! I was always afraid of skin cancer so would wear 80+ sunblock! Probably didn’t help matters….

  42. Hey I have innattentive ADHD I’m wondering if this could be caused by a vitamin D definciency? I feel like my mind is in a fog all of the time I’m tired and unmotivated. I’ve been reading I hear that vitamin d deficiencies can make your immune system weaker which cause me to be allergic to something ( I’m thinking it’s wheat) . I never told my doctor and now I want to get allergy test. I also have very dark circles which could be linked to this. But yea to my initial question can innattentive ADHD be caused from lack of vitamin D?

  43. Hi,

    I was diagnoses vitamin D and B12 deficiency. I am taking psychiatric treatment also for depression. Does vitamin d deficiency affects mental stability? what should I do to increase vitamin D level up to the mark. I am pure Vegetarian.


    • Kristjan says:

      Sounds like you need to eat some animal foods and supplement with B12 and Vitamin D3.

      Yes, a deficiency in these vitamins can affect mental health.

  44. I was recently diagnosed with extreme anemia and low vitamin D levels. I am a colon cancer survivor (colon resection, chemo and radiation). I am extremely fatigued and experience pain in my lower legs, ankles, toes and the bottom of my feet. My doctor has put me on 5000 IU of vitamin D per day.

    Is there a correlation between iron absorption levels and low vitamin D levels?

  45. madonna says:

    Just discovered this site. Just heard a doctor on the radio talking about Vit. D. and deficiency symptoms.. He said deficiency of vit D can affect every organ of your body. Defieiency can also cause depression. I take 10,000 IU of D per day. I have less pain in my muscles and joints, but still have pressure sinus headaches. I don’t eat gluten but I do eat rice. I can’t afford a blood test at this time. Do you think I should take more D?

  46. I recently got a medium grade sunburn. To my surprise, the next day I woke up happy.
    I slept better and felt like something was fixed chemically.
    Does this indicate a vitamin D deficiency?

  47. I am 66years old and have copd (emphasyma) and have spent most of the last couple of years indoors because of it. My skin has become very sensative and I my back has become spotty, which is something I have never suffered from not even as a teenager! Could this be vitimin d defieincy?

    • Kristjan says:

      It’s possible. Only way to know is to get tested and see if you’re deficient, then supplement with D3.

  48. Had been feeling like alot of the above writrers extreme fatigue could hardly get out of bed bones ached I felt literally like a 100 yrs old mind fog
    Etc Etc thought it was due to hypothyroidism, had blood work done vit d
    Defeciency was culprit level was 6 . M.D.ordered prescription for Vit D3
    50,000 per week one tab per week positive results noted immediately.
    Like the next day

    take the second dosage .So I hope this helps anyone with similiar symptoms

  49. Hi, I am 52 , 173 cm and about 180 lbs . About 5 months back my B12 level was very low but apparently I did not have any symtoms of vitamin B12 deficiency except pain in wrist of my left hand. I had about 20 shots since then apart from oral medication and everything was well with me and till 12 days back ( 16th July 12) . I was using treadmill almost 5 times in a week for 25 minutes at speed of 6/7 without any problem
    Then on sunday 17th June12 , while going out of home early morning , i suddenly felt weakness & extreme fatigue after just walking few yards but without any chest pain.The day was normal after that but it occurred back in the night when I was walking back home. Now my life has changed , i went to treadmill on 18th June and found that after hardly 4-5 minutes i could not pull on anymore and it is same problem of extreme fatigue , infact i have not gone for my treadmill after that fearing that i will be exhausted again.

    The doctor advised me and I got my B12 and vitamin D tested and as per report , my B12 is quite high now but Vitamin D level is only 23.

    Is my extreme fatigue related to Vitamin D deficiency.

    • Fatigue is more than likely related to candida. You need liver supporting herbs, dandelion root and milk thistle. You need plenty of good olive oil for omega 3’s. You need good bacteria in the form of fermented foods…..coconut kefir (especially), regular kefir, kombucha, miso, etc. You also need to get your vitamin d3 levels up to as close to 100, and plenty of sun without sun screen…since vitamin d3 is antiviral and antifungal… You also need to start using raw coconut products, unprocessed coconut oil, coconut cream, coconut flakes, coconut flour, coconut is antiviral and antifungal to fight the candida….cook with it and use it on your skin!

      Good luck!

  50. Prakash says:

    Hi, latest update
    As per my neurophysician, I have chronic fatigue syndrome, he has prescribed some medicines for vitamin D and B12 .

  51. Please tell your followers that it is crucial to get tested and to get their levels up to 100 at least…no matter what the doctor says. Tell them to research Vitamin D3 because all of the complaints on here are related to the deficiency. Without vitamin d3 the body cannot absorb CALCIUM. Calcium (coral is best) and magnesium (malate is best) keeps the body alkaline….toxins cause these problems everyone are having. Vitamin D3 boosts the immune system, along with magnesium and calcium, to keep the bodies immune system functioning at its best! They can also use kelp because some researchers are saying vitamin k helps with the absorption of Vitamin D!

  52. High parathyroid hormone levels will cause your vit D to fall. The reason is that with calcium in your system your body try’s to reduce calcium absorbsion. Hi PTH is often referred to as “bones, groans and moans” and some of your readers should look it up. The parathyroid regulates ca levels but if abnormal the constant pulling of ca from your bones and putting it back again just plain hurts – and your ca levels maybe fine. There are many associated side effects including the ones that come with enevitable D definciency.
    Another cause of vit D deficiency is kidney disease. My kidney disease maybe caused by my parathyroid as might my fatigue, malaise, arthritis, gut issues, immuno suppression, brain fog and depression.
    Tomorrow I start on my vit D treatment. Hopefully it will aleviate some issues, but if my PTH does not return then one of my four parathyroids is faulty.
    It’s probably a poorly written testimony but it may help some of your readers with their research into their issues. I have been going down this path for about 10 years now and it’s because of blogs like this I found out about vit D and PTH levels. My GP is very supportive but only sees me for 30 minutes once in a while. It pays to do your research.
    Thanks for a fine blog.

  53. Does anybody have a bad taste in there mouth? Do to low vitamin d levels.haven’t gone for test yet,but working on it.

  54. Theresa says:

    I also have a very low vitamin D level. The blood tests showed it to be 4. I don’t know why as I am in the sun alot and eat healthy. I did mega doses of vitamin D (64,000) units a week for 3 months. It only brought my vitamin D level to 20. So they changed the dosage to 114,000 units a week. I have been taking this for 3 months. I go in 2 weeks to have the level checked. I have found out that my bone density has been drastically affected. Five years ago I was told it was excellent and last month I was told I had the density of an 80 year old and diagnosed with osteoperosis. The lack of bone density now shows up on normal x-rays. I broke my wrist 2&1/2 years ago and have AVN. I had a done graft and it seemed to be working for the first 6 months. Now the bone is dying again and more rapidly. I am once again in constant pain and have minimal use of my wrist. The doctors want to remove 4 bones from the wrist and fuse it. If I can get the vitamin level up and keep it up, will the damage to my bones reverse? I am 56.

  55. Jackie Boltz says:

    I am 47 yrs old, and have had 3 back surgeries..the most recent one in November 2011. I was just told that I have Vit D deficiency , and put on meds because my count is only 11 which is suppose to be low. only been on meds now for 3 weeks..they just told me that it will probably takes several months before I maybe will see a difference. Have extreme pain in legs and feet all the time…also think I have fibro ….any advice….

  56. Adam LeCras says:

    My mother’s doctor seems to think she has Parkinson’s Disease but is not completely sure as yet. She does have very low Vit D and was told to take supplements. Is it possible that she could just have vitamin d deficiency rather than Parkinson’s Disease? Apparently they share a lot of the symptoms/

  57. Sunny Thomas says:

    Hi Doctor,
    For couple of weeks I had severe knd of restlessness while sleeping and also while sitting I feel severe kind of soreness . After consultation & blood test it is found out that my Vitamin D level less than 10. What are supplements that I can have. Please advise

  58. joyce kirk says:

    Hi, I too have been prescribed vitamin d 5000 2 times a week for 3 months, my level is a 2 and ii is suppose to be at least a 30. I was shocked because I have been going to the doctor for at least 5 years back to back for IBS, and no one ever mentioned vitamin D deficient. I have had so much trouble out of bloating and gas for the last 5 years and no one can seem to find out what it is coming from. This is my first week on this vitamin D I read an article on it and ask my doctor to run a vitamin D test on me, and they said I had to pay for it I said ok because at this point I

  59. joyce kirk says:

    I just want some answers, and low and behold I am a 2 level which is almost no vitamin D in my body at all. I took a dose and I slept all night and all day something I have not done in years without taking a sleeping aide. I cannot believe that all this time my doctor has not thought about running this test on me, I am upset that I had to go to another doctor and read an article and request that they run a vitamin d on me, and for it to be that low I am wondering how long has it been this low. My head feels full and heavy I am not sure if this is one of the symptoms but hopefully I am getting better. I will keep everyone posted on my results after I get my vitamin D level back up.

  60. I sent a post a couple of weeks ago, but never got a response, or I cannot find it. Anyway my 12 year old son has had an uneplained illness for 8 months now. We have been to 2 different children’s hospitals and finally have been told that he has a vit D deficiency, his number is 15. They started him out with 150,000 units and now is taking 50,000 units for 6 weeks, he has 2 weeks left but still not feeling the greatest. Just wondering if all these symptoms could be associated with the VD def. He has shortness of breath, heart palputations, anxiety attacks, rashes, diarreha and constipation. He is very weak, and when he has one of these attacks, he gets real dark underneath his eyes. He lost 8 lbs. in 2 months. We have been scared to death, because they have not been able to find anything out until now. I found it hard to believe that a Vit deficiency could make someone feel this bad. We have to homeschool him this year, because doctors have have diagnosed him as “medically fragile”. With all the posts that I have read, it seems like everyone who has been diagnosed with this have similiar symptoms. He is on his 4 week of the vit d units and only has 2 weeks to go, I am trying to get him out into the sun, but he just has been too weak to go anywhere, he has stayed inside all summer, very unordinary for a 12 year old boy. I do have a couple of questions that maybe you can answer for me, would milk help him to build up his vit d? and also I am worried that something else is causing the deficiency because, he was and had been on a multi-vitamin all along before we found out he had this. Another question, he craves chicken, and it seems like everytime he eats chicken, he has an attack, and what I mean by that is, shortness of breath, and then an anxiety attack feeling, that leaves him drained and then diarreha. Have you heard of chicken being a problem for the vit d deficiency? We do not have another apt. with the doctor, but I do not think he is really getting any better even though he is taking the vitamin d pill (50,000 units) weekly. I am worried about why this happened to him in the first place. I am real close to making an apt. at the Mayo Clinic, just in case there is some underlying problem that caused the deficiency in the first place and no one is catching the problem. How much more time should we wait for good results before taking him to Mayo?

    • Milk won’t help with Vitamin D. Some if it is slightly fortified with D, but it’s a very small amount.

      Never heard of chicken having an effect on Vitamin D, but if your son has negative reactions to chicken then he should avoid chicken.

      You can try writing a food diary and see if you find any patterns where certain foods make things worse.

      I say do whatever is in your power to find a doctor that can help your son. I highly doubt this could be caused by a simple vitamin d deficiency.

    • thankyou for sharing i too have been struggling to help my daughter she is 15 and her d level was 12 now 17 but she is tired wont stay in school has anxiety panic attacks we are seeing 4 doctors now im scared we have been dealing with this for 2 years and no better worse i think we may try gluten free diet next im learning so much i didnt know either the extreme effects of d in the body of lack . best wishes to you guys

  61. hi my daughter is 15 we have been dealing with low vitimin for 2 years im worried for her she has been diagnosed with anxiety depression ect she is tired does not go out with friends much but she drinks milk eats yogurt loves cheese and get enogh sun but now her being tired is effecting her attendance at school. we see the endocrinologist every 3 months we and take supplements she has weight gain i am willing to try any new suggestions thankyou

  62. Hi, Can you help me? Seems as if no one else is very concerned. Last Feb. I found my Vitamin level was 4.8 (very low). My parathyroid was 92 and calcium was 11. I was put on 50,000 units of D a week for 3 months. Two weeks after finishing the megadoes the D level was 28, the parathyroid was 138 and calcium was 10.5. So the mega dose was raise to 114,000 units a week for 3 months. Two weeks after finishing this round of vitamin D ( Aug. 1, 2012), my D was 56, calcium was 10.5 and parathyroid was 30. I was instructed to continue taking 2,000 units daily for life (which I have without missing a single dose) and it would keep the level up. I had major bone surgery on Aug, 26, 2012. I wanted to be sure my D level was staying up in order to give my wrist the best possible chance of healing so when I went to my doctor on Sept. 15, 2012 for some bloodwork, I asked them to include vitamin D. They did and when I got the results it was 28. From 56 to 28 in six weeks doesn’t seem right given the fact I have taken 2,000 units daily to keep it up and stay in the sun as much as possible. Surely 2,0000 units a day should be enough to prevent this. I also have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia but have noticed a marked change in the muscle aches and pains lately. The doctors are putting me back on a mega dose of vitamin D for a couple of months. That frustrates me as I want to know WHY the level will not stay within an acceptable range not just raise the level. Any idea why my vitamin D will not stay within an acceptable range and what I can do about it? Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

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