6 Trigger-Happy Trigger Foods That Food Addicts May Need to Avoid

What Are Trigger Foods?Trigger foods…

We both love them and we hate them.

We love how they taste.

We hate how they make us feel and what they do to our waistline.

There’s something unique about these foods.

They call to us… as if they have a voice.

Imagine a cookie, sitting on a plate with a bunch of other cookies.

At first, it whispers to us… “eat me,” it says. “Eat me.”

The whisper gets louder and louder until we have a hard time hearing our own thoughts.

More often than not, we give in to that little voice and have a bite.

Big mistake.

Now that tiny whisper turns into a scream… “EAT ME, EAT MORE! MORE! MORE! MORE! MOOOOOOOAAAAARRRRRRR!”

This is how one cookie turns into 20 (a binge) and how that one binge turns into 50 pounds of fat regained over a period of months (relapse).

This is what the cookie should mean to you. One bite is not an option. One bite “triggers” a binge and the binge “triggers” a full blown relapse.

Now to my oh-not-so formal definition of Trigger food:

A trigger food is a food that food addicts tend to crave and that can lead to a binge and a relapse.

6 Trigger Foods That Food Addicts May Need to Avoid

These depend on the individual. Your trigger foods may be different than mine:

  • Sugar. Added sugar and its evil twin, High Fructose Corn Syrup, are at the top of the list. If you’re a food addict, these are your greatest enemy!
  • Wheat. Wheat and its evil siblings, the other gluten grains. It may surprise you, but wheat gluten may even be more addictive than sugar due to the fact that some gluten proteins can stimulate opiate receptors.
  • Nut butters. If I have a jar of nut butter in the house, I will eat it with a spoon until the jar is empty, then have to force myself not to drive to the store to get another jar.
  • Cream. I don’t have problems with cream in recipes, but if I combine cream with something sweet like a banana or an artificial sweetener then I will have problems.
  • Artificial sweeteners. I personally have problems with the low-calorie sweeteners that I’ve tried. It’s best for me to avoid them.
  • Cheese. If I eat raw cheese, I lose control and end up craving it for a long time. I can add cheese to recipes without problems though.

Don’t get me wrong about the cream and cheese.

I believe these foods can be safely enjoyed on a healthy diet, but for me personally it is best to avoid them in their raw state. I do add them to recipes though. Yummy.

So… what are your trigger foods? What do you tend to crave and binge on (a behaviour that has nothing to do with hunger)?

You should write these down and be fully aware of the foods you have problems with, because then you know when to say “NO” when the cookies start calling your name.

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  1. So true, Kris! Even though I am headed back to a Paleo diet, I still worry about the “Paleo-ized” versions of muffins, biscuits, cookies, and such. For me, having those things will set off the “evil within”. So, even though I do bake these things, I tend to avoid them (like the plague!), although I am no above nibbling on some 85% dark chocolate!

  2. Potato chips. Any form is a danger for me. French fries are a close second, but I love the crunch, the salt, the texture of the chip. I must stop writing this now and move on immediately!

    • That is funny, have you discovered the lentil chip? Also there is a black bean and a pinto bean chip you just gotta be careful like everything they are not all ok but have found a brand that I can live with and it can live with me, yumm love the crunch!

  3. Chocolate and potato crisps – not at the same time – are my downfall. I really have to force myself down the aisle past them in the supermarkets etc.

  4. Sugar, biscuits, chocolate and pizza – I cannot have any of these! My rule is I don’t have any of them. I do allow myself to bake my own low carb treats once or twice a week. That way I put time and effort into making them, rather that mindlessly grazing on manufactured crap. I also know what ingredients have gone into them and I make a small batch which limits the quantity I can eat!

  5. …SUGAR is my downfall, ice cream, cake & cookies. I’ve begun telling myself ‘I Don’t Want It’ instead of ‘I Can’t Have It’ and from a mental aspect it’s working. I just do my best to avoid sugars one day at a time.

  6. Pastries and chocolate. They don’t even have to taste particularly nice…I just like the way the pastry crumbles and chocolate is just…addictive for me. Especially ferrero rochers and then brownies of all kinds.

    I’ve gone from overweight to anorexic and severely underweight to skinny and healthy eater to average and bulimic and finally now I’m at an average weight whilst being a binge eater.

    I want to get back to skinny and healthy eater but as I still live at home, my parents are vigilant about my diet habits given my history. They would rather me fatter than slightly thinner at all so any form of food restriction throws them into a terrible rage.

    And then we’re Chinese so rice, noodles and all grains in all forms (dumplings, brioche, street vendors with this thing called ‘bing’) are utterly unavoidable. Not like where the western diet can go without grains in dishes…so it’s even more difficult to go Paleo for me.

  7. Am I the only one with “alcohol” on their list? Not only is it loaded with unhealthy calories, but… hangover foods?


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